Boxing (the sport) with CGM and Type 1

I have recently started boxing and am enjoying it a lot. I am just starting this thread to see if any others on this forum are currently boxing or have done it in the past and how they have found it for managing their diabetes/ Also interested to just hear from anyone wanting to share boxing stories, tips, routines, etc.

So far I have found it to be a great workout and even got my son to start doing it. Lots of skipping and bag training with a good 15 minutes of training with a professional boxer in the ring. Am located in South Philly, so the place has a real “Rocky” vibe to it with lots of characters from the boxing world that hang out there from time to time.

I am thinking about using a CGM again and wondering if people have had any luck keeping the thing attached. Just had one fall off after a few hours of use so am thinking that a boxing workout will be hard to keep it attached. Any suggestions? I am thinking of using the Skin Tac adhesive.

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I do Brazilian jiu jitsu most every day and rarely have issues with my transmitter coming loose or falling off. Sometimes people will literally yank it off on accident, still that’s pretty rare.

You can’t really wear it on your stomach though. It’ll never survive boxing that way. I tried wearing one on my stomach and it was pointless. I now wear mine on the top part of my butt, right at the line where a back pocket would be. It keeps it out of the way and it works well in that location. I change sides and move it around a little whenever I change sensors.

Skin-Tac works great. You should definitely use that. I used to use Skin Prep but it doesn’t hold as well as Skin-Tac.

I also, like a lot of others, apply a second layer of film over the top of my sensor (cutting out a hole so as not to cover the transmitter). For this I prefer Smith & Nephew OpSite Flexifix Transparent Film 2 Inch Roll. Great stuff.

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Flexfix is great. I find the 4 inch roll more convenient. I apply it “vertically”. Four inches just fits nicely across the length of the sensor extending a good amount past the ends of the sensor pad.

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I’ve started boxing last year and love it!!
CGM - it depends on which one you use.
At first I had trouble with wearing Enlite on the arm, it stopped working after every training because the muscle activity just basically killed the sensor. I changed the site to butt and the Enlite worked fine there.
Dexcom is more durable and I wear it on my arm even during training. I use Kinesio Tape to tape it over, sometimes I even use a circular tape around the arm to make sure it stays on no matter what we do. But I never had a dexcom fall off during training…

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I have dexcom. Never tried it on my arm. Will consider this as would definitely be easier for taping. Had the last one on the upper butt, and it fell off after a few hours, but was maybe a dud and didn’t have any tape or extra adhesive on it.