Boys meter bag and supply carry case, Where to find one for a 5yr old?

So I have pretty much scoured the internet and local stores trying to find my soon to be 5yr old son a smaller case for his meter and small amount of supplies for day outings. Right now we are using a insulated lunch box but it's just too big to carry around all day. Has anyone had any luck finding one that don't look like it was made for their grandparents? I know exactly what I want in my head I just cannot seem to find one. Thanks!!

My son is 14 but he uses a really cool looking small camera bag. It’s small enough and a small ice pack fits in it when he needs to take a juice with him.

I have had alot of luck with

We use and love the Patagonia Atom bag:

Easy to adjust for adult-to-child wearers and perfect Dexcom-size pocket on the strap. Lots of pockets inside too. Not too big for a child, not too small that you can't jam a bunch of stuff in.

We used a 1/2 sized JanSport backpack (like this for my son from the time he was 2 until about 10. it was black and it went everywhere he went. At about 10 he decided he wanted a small cross body bag. His first one was a Kipling bag (similar to this and now he has one from Eagle Creek.

I was checking out the Patagonia bag on Zappos and stumbled across the "lumbar packs" AKA Fanny packs....who would of known they are back in style??? LOL!!! I bought him a Quicksilver Traveler Bag that I think will work well. Thanks everyone!!

Try "Too Sweet Boutique" we ordered the the pouch with the clear window for our daughter's pump and added an extra pouch (removable) to toss her BG metre,strips and lancet device in. They offer fabrics for girls,boys and adults too. They are a bit pricey, but we find the high quality and the fact that our daughter can choose the fabric worth every cent! The belt with the pouches is practical and provides minimum bounce and is super comfy. (according to my daughter) He will still need a day pack for food etc. but at least he could have his essentials on his body.

For the purpose of a day bag, we ordered our daughter a bag from "skidaddle" which she loves. Again, they provide a choice in fabrics and they are of excellent quality and designed for diabetics.

I also liked the suggestion someone made of the "patagonia atom bag" It would surely be both light and durable! I will be looking at this bag for our summer camping. Good Luck.

We’ve been happy with this. Many color choices on amazon.

I have made this MINI backpack for my son who was after the same thing as you - a small bag to hold his meter and hypo treatment. We call it a GRAB BAG. It is always ready by the door stocked up with juice, sweets, meter etc.

Both the width and the height of the bag are the size of a Glucagone packet, if one wanted too fit it in.

I could make more if anybody was interested...

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I did it. actually I think this was a good one, worth bringing back. guys always seem to have such a limited selection of bags they find acceptable. Teens in particular.


We upgraded to this one when Caleb hit middle school.