Bra clip for Tandem T Slim

It doesn’t look like the T Slim pump has a clip on the pump itself that can be hooked to a bra? Only see a clip on the case. That would be a deal killer for me. Is this true?

When I used a pump, I found that ponytail holders could easily be used in all sorts of ways to hold pumps where you wanted (bra, calf w/headband etc.). I used a minimed, but maybe this is still possible with a T Slim?

I would wrap each end of the pony holder around the pump with the bra strap in the middle. It’s probably not as fancy as all the gadgets out there now, but it’s likely more secure and moves around less.

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@Spring1 The clip is only on the case, not on the pump.

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Hi Spring1, I don’t know if it’s true, you could call the T Slim folks and ask about a clip for the pump sans the case. There are clips that can be attached to other devices, like phones, MP3 gigs and such. Ask them if these would be okay to use, and please let us know what you learn.

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True, the clip is on the case, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work with a bra. Mine pretty much always lives between my breasts. Either clipped onto the bra or on the neckline of a camisole. The t:slim pumps are considerably smaller than other pumps, and tuck away fairly easily. Also, the clip on the case can be rotated for vertical orientation.

I will say that the bra matters, though. The case clip works best with bras that have a strip of fabric between the cups. Pushup style bras where the underwire practically meets in the middle don’t work so well. It’s hard to get the clip over the underwire bulk. In that situation, I just pop the pump out of it’s case and wedge it in the bra cup itself. (which would probably only work for ladies busty enough to disguise the added bulk.)

There are all kinds of adhesive clips on Amazon for cell phones if you really wanted something affixed directly to the pump.

The original t:slim case was awful! I didn’t use it. I got a bunch of tiny baby socks from Dollar tree and just safety pinned them inside my clothes to make tiny pockets wherever I wanted. Haven’t had to do that anymore with the new slimmer designed case, though.

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I just slip my Tandem inside my bra between the cups–no clip needed.

Brilliant. And one solution I’ve never before run across. Thanks!

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I have the Medtronic 670 (huge) and the “sports” clip that was provided was flimsy and bounced around way too much. I found the hip clip on amazon for about ten dollars and it slides into the clip track already on the pump. It has a lower profile so the pump doesn’t stick out when I wear it on my bra. It also stayed secure on my hip through a five mile run and lifting!