T:slim X2 case/clip solution

I mentioned in another thread that I had used a universal clip I found to make a more durable solution for the T:Slim since the Tandem cases were very lacking in the quality department, so I am going to share what I used in this separate post. You may not be able to use the exact same solution anymore as it looks like Tandem has redone their accessories so one of the parts I used isn’t available anymore, but you should still be able to find a way to make it work I believe.

So to start out with, I found a universal belt/clothing clip that was rotatable. The best one I found was this one:

It has a small metal square that has a pretty strong adhesive pre-applied, and that is the piece that you attach to the pump (obviously), the clip is magnetic so it will snap itself onto the square pretty easily, you just push the button to unclip it. I have found the clip to be pretty durable, as I leave it on most of the time and it is in my pants pocket and gets taken out and put back in a lot, so the clip has held up well. The clip isn’t super slim mind you, but you can easily unclip it from the pump and the metal square is very low profile, so when you need the pump to be more slim, it is as easy as unclipping the clip, and when you need the clip again you just slap it back on.

Now for the second part, the part that doesn’t look to be available anymore, it was part of the Tandem rotatable belt clip case. With that case, it had a thin sleeve like what comes with the vertical clip case that came with the pump, only the clip is a separate piece that the sleeve clips into. Since the clip broke quite easily, i was left with the thin sleeve, so I attached the metal square for the new clip to the back of this piece. I see that Tandem now offers a new case with a metal clip that can be attached wither vertical or horizontal, but you have to pull the metal clip out and insert it in holes in the case to change it. http://shop.tandemdiabetes.com/collections/cases-clips/products/t-case

But, you could take the clip out entirely and attach the metal square to this case. Or you could just attach it to the back of the bare pump, but I personally don’t like that idea. I am attaching some pics of my solution so you can see what it looks like.

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excellent write up! thanks for putting that together!

I see that Tandem now offers a new case with a metal clip that can be attached wither vertical or horizontal, but you have to pull the metal clip out and insert it in holes in the case to change it. http://shop.tandemdiabetes.com/collections/cases-clips/products/t-case1

And, my problem is solved! :slight_smile: I didn’t even notice it could be switched.

I do like your magnet solution, that looks super convenient for access.

Though I’m not a T:slim user, I support all MacGyvering efforts. It always seems the last thing the pump makers think about is how we carry it around or where we put it. This consideration should be given more thought and research. Is it so much trouble to give a non-functioning mock-up to a group of pump wearers to get suggestions on its ergonomics?

Music player makers think about it and we don’t wear music players 24/7 like we do with pumps!

I believe that technical products used by consumers usually undergo some kind of user study before final design decisions are made. I’ve inquired about this process with Animas when I first started using their Ping pump. I found it incredulous that their pump belt clip made it past an even cursory exam by real users much less make it into the final design. That defective belt clip made it into production and Animas never changed it.

Manufacturers will often cite regulatory reasons for design inflexibility but I wonder if there are other factors. I suspect that user studies are likely not given their due resource when competing with engineering and regulatory issues.

When Tandem first released its original pump they made a big deal about the extensive user review during design development. While I have never used a Tandem product, I suspect part of their success is owed to their attention to real-world users and their inputs.

I think everyone on insulin pump development teams from sales to engineering and regulatory function should be required to wear their in-process product for at least 90 days. That might help. These pumps, however, only occupy a small niche in the market and these companies doe not have even a fraction of the budget that Apple can use for product development.

This problem is more complicated than my simple analysis as an outsider senses but I do think the manufacturers could listen better to people who wear their products for 8,760 hours per year, year-in, year-out.

I thought it was pretty cool that the Tandem rep for my area said they are required to put each infusion set in themselves to learn how to do it and to see what it’s like in order to be able to be a rep. I know that’s still not as good as having to wear the product for 90 days, but its still something lol. My experience has been, even in my line of work, often times engineers don’t ever experience what it is like to use the products they make, so they make thins that seem cool, but in reality aren’t…

I have to say, the clip I had for my Roche/AccuChek Spirit pump was pretty solid. I used it for both my regular Spirit, and the Spirit Combo when I upgraded, so given that I replaced it once, probably about 6 years for one clip and it was still as good as new when I got the Tandem. It wasn’t bulky, and it rotated, AND was super durable.

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Thanks for being brave enough to explore this option. I purchased one of the new Tandem cases for my G4 when they came out, but realized soon after that the low profile metal clip was a real pain to use. You needed both hands to clip it on to anything, and it chewed up any belt I tried to clip it onto.

I recently upgraded to the X2, which came with one of the new cases, so I had an extra one to play around with. I was searching for a phone clip that I could mount to the new case (after removing the metal band that came with it) when I stumbled across your post. Gave it a try and it seems to work pretty well.

It’s a bit bulkier than I’d like, but having a real clip makes it so much easier to use than what came with the original case. And the ability to rotate is an added bonus. The only question I have is whether or not to be concerned about having a small magnet strapped next to the pump all the time.

The magnet part is actually in the clip itself (pretty sure at least, as far as I can tell), and the pump is pretty well shielded from any magnetism as it isn’t that strong. The electronics in the pump should be pretty resistant to magnetism in general as well. I haven’t had any issues yet :slight_smile:.

I have a Tandem X2 and have had previous versions of Tandem pumps. As discussed, the case clips didn’t last long at all. I would call Tandem to complain and they would send me a replacement case as an accommodation because I gave their case such bad reviews. As soon as I heard they had a new case, I ordered one. When I received it and tried it, I was s-o-o-o disappointed. The stainless steel clip looked nice and sturdy. However, the highly polished stainless steel clip is so smooth it allows the pump to slide right off of my belt as soon as I sit. So when I stand up, the pump takes a nose dive and after heading for the floor, my tubing stops it. I called Tandem back and told them they did a terrible job in designing this thing and after all, they’ve had years to come with an improvement. They apologized for my disappointment but had nothing else to offer. As a consolation prize, they refunded my money and let me keep the case. I’m going to order that stick-on clip that was recommended and I’ll try using it on one of my broken clip cases.


@George49 not sure if it helps or not, but I took my metal clip off the case then bent it shut just a little more. I finally re-inserted it back in the case and now I have a case that holds well on everything from shirts to underwear (until the plastic holding the metal clip breaks, lol).

Thanks for the tip. I might have to try that.

Well, last night my clip ended up breaking. At least it lasted WAAAAAAYYYY longer than the Tandem clips, but it still has me missing my Disetronic/Roche/Accu-Chek clip that never broke or wore out even after 5+ years of heavy use. Maybe that should be my next step, cutting the clip and mechanism off that clip and super gluing it to the Tandem case :smile:

I spoke with Tandem today to tell how disappointed I am with their case clip design. They told me that they are always reviewing things but that there is no new design coming out (so basically, learn to live with it). I asked them to send me a spare stainless steel clip so that I could hire a machine shop to bend it/shape it/grind it/poke holes in it/do whatever to it to make it work, while still fitting back into their case.
They agreed to send me a spare clip and wished me luck (next time around, I really need to pick a different pump company!). I will let everyone know if I can get their clip redesigned to work.


While I do like the pump and wouldn’t switch just because of the cases, the poor quality of the accessories is very very annoying! What is extra frustrating is that they don’t seem to have any intention of designing something that works well and is durable.

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Using the clip suggestions above, I found this clip by clip.com on Amazon:

It’s fairly low profile, seems to stay on great with the included 3M tape (so far 1 week), and I like that it is a hinge clip so easy to move from place to place (e.g. from waste band, to bra, etc.) It works well with the pump vertical (horizontal wouldn’t work as it would cover the cartridge. I’m VERY happy with this solution!!

About $15 with shipping.

I have found like the rest of you that Tandem has failed us with the shoddy product they call a pump case. First of all, how long has it been, ladies, since you wore a belt?? Most contemporary women’s clothing with belts would look ridiculous with a Tandem case hanging from them. Also, I often wear leggings and yoga tights and it is not comfortable or attractive to wear such cases with them. I used to tuck my Medtronic pumps into small, soft pouches that could be hidden in underwear. Those seem to be no longer available except for feminine, lacey pouches that one can wear under clothes to hide money. I asked a seamstress friend to make some, but it was difficult due to their small size and configurations. Then I tried using infant socks to hide the pump inside my underwear. It isn’t lovely, but it works. Finally, I am a person who has wrist, hand and finger problems, so I have found it impossible to remove the pump from the case on my own, and am forced to ask my gracious husband to do so. I, too, called Tandem and expressed my annoyance and dissatisfaction with their cases. They seemed to have the attitude of “too bad, so sad, but tough luck.” I wish I had investigated all aspects of Tandem pump wear before purchasing one.

NEM PH025BK-V300
Designed for the Motorola V300
Magnetic front clasp

Fits the Tandem nicely.



I know I have mentioned it before, but the clip I had for my Disetronic/Accuchek spirit pump was probably the best clip I have had. It lasted for YEARS and it was slim enough profile to not be bulky in a pocket AND it swiveled with fine enough adjustment to get it at the perfect angle. It also didn’t have to be removed for anything you did on the pump, other than maybe getting the serial number off the back. If only I could make it work with the t:slim.

I take photos of serial numbers so that I have quick and easy access to the number, should the occasion arise. Google Photos let you search photos without having to previously name the file. AI can “see” the content of a photo and that way you can quickly find a photo(s) among thousands. A good search criteria is “number” or “serial”, depending on the exact image content. It’s not perfect but it’s a really handy way to stay organized.

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I’ve used this clip for almost 4 years without fail and love it.

I live in a very cold climate, Alaska, and I don’t always notice when the clip lets go of the pump and the pump dangles at my leg. Needless to say, sub zero temps aren’t very good for insulin. Not sure how the pump handles sub zero temps, but it seems to be alright so far.

As for the newer clip, it holds onto the clip via a small plastic bump. That bump quickly wears down and rounds off, making it ineffective. I called Tandem and received a similar response, although they didn’t refund my money or offer me anything. In short, my only viable solution is to put it in my pocket, which isn’t an ideal solution either. Very disappointed in Tandem with their case. As much as the pump costs, they should do better.