T:clip vs. t:case

I just got my t:slim and will be starting on it tomorrow. I was looking at the t:case that it came with and it seems like the clip on it isn't very sturdy. Does anyone have the t:clip (the one that comes in colors)? If so, do you like it more than the t:case that came with the pump? I'm just trying to decide if its worth it to spend the money on the t:clip or if its basically the same thing...


I’m not a fan of either one, honestly! Both seem to have a center of gravity issue. I bought several Vera Bradley clip zip id cases. The pump fits in the I’d window. They now have a solid black case. Clip to belt loop or put in your bra.


Thank you for the link, Janice! Just spent 90 minutes browsing the various options even though I don't have my t:slim yet. ;-)

Between the two, I definitely prefer the t:clip (the one that comes in colors). However, most of the time, I wear the pump without a clip and just put it in my pocket. I only really need the clip if I'm wearing certain dresses or for sleeping.

I definitely vote for the Clip over the Case, but the clip isn't actually very "clippy" (not nearly as strong and secure as the Med-T clip I used for years!) and on a semi-regular basis slips off my pocket when I'm pulling pants up or down. To be fair, I use it backwards so the pump is clipped inside my pocket and the clip is on the outside and it might be less prone to sloppy holding the other way, but I don't want my pump facing the world for some vaguely unknown reasons.
I'm hoping that now that the t-slim is gaining mainstream attention and publicity that they'll start focusing on making more functional accessories, although they did absolutely take care of the need for more colorful stuff!

I also like just carrying in my pocket, but I will slip it into the t:case (w/o the t:slider) for added protection.

I use the bottom portion of the clip only. The pump stays in the clip and that's just one less piece I need. The case/clip is one of my biggest issues with the tslim. I switched from the Animas Ping and loved the slim clip. I have tons of Animas supplies so recently switched back to the Ping and remembered how much I love the clip. At least the tslim is touch screen and the IOB is on the main screen so those features will bring me back when my Animas supplies run out.