Alternative T:slim Clip

Just wanted to pass on some product success for those of you who, like me, don’t like the extra bulk of the T:slim T:clip. I found a hinged-clip that can be attached to the back of the T:slim with 3M adhesive, and is much lower profile than what Tandem currently offers. They’re cheap at about $4 a piece, yet seem sturdy and grasp onto clothing well.
Link to product on Amazon

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just wondering if this could be a valid solution for @Jake

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It might be… as long as the clip clears the bump caused by the larger cartridge… Im gonna try it…

Huh. Why the heck didn’t I think of doing something like that as a “pretty much good enough” way to go when the clip broke off the “holster” Medtronic supplies for its 722 & 723 Paradigm pumps. I may still try doing something like that if I haven’t thrown the dang thing out in an atypical & futile attempt to “tidy up”.

I looked around, but, of course, all I found for the moment was …

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I’m not sure this particular clip with clear the bump. Do you know the measurement on it by chance?
If this particular clip doesn’t work for it, I would suggest you check out It’s the same company that makes the one pictured. They have several different designs with some of them, such as the racheting clips, being a little bulkier and more likely to clear the bump.

Funny enough, I was brainstorming ways to break the clip off the t:clip holster! I did see someone on these boards in the past use their old non-broken medtronic clip. I think they just added a few glue dots to the inside of the clip to grip the pump better.

Good luck finding it! On the plus side, not having it may mean you’re not a total diabetes hoarder :slight_smile: