Braggin about my New A1C!

Im sure this doesnt really matter to many people, but unpon my diagnosis with Type 1 on February 29, 2009 my A1C was “12.6”. 3 months or hard work here I am to find out about 5 minutes ago that my new A1c is “5.2”

Finding out that I had diabetes has been something that I am reminded of multiple times a day and being able to have a normal A1C shows that I will control this disease and it will not control me. Today is the first time since I have been diagnosed where I can comfortably say that ‘diabetes is my ■■■■■’


word… “sit down and shut up beyatch!”

Go Marty! Go Marty! Way to take control! I love to hear about people’s A1C success stories. It inspires me. Thanks!

Wohoo!!! Go Marty!

Awesome work! Congrats on the great a1c =)


Congrats Marty, we were diagnosed just about the same time. It’s great when you can see that the hard work pays off.

Quiet don’t temp the Gods.

Great work Martin,

Just remember that things may get a bit more difficult once your honeymoon is over, so don’t stress too much if your A1C raises a little bit over the next year or so.

Best of luck,

Author of D and The Guy

Great job, I am envious. As a T2 I strive and starve for that reading. Keep it up.


we can be A1C twins :slight_smile: Sit down diabetes and listen to me!