Breakfast cereals

Does anyone have any suggestions on breakfast cereals that don't cause unmanagable spikes? All the ones I used to eat seem to be unmanagable now. The only breakfasts I seem to do well with are low-carb, high protein/fat-- such as eggs + bacon or sausage and an english muffin for carbs--

It'd be nice to figure out some cereals that work well because they are so convenient-- all that I've tried have caused rapid spikes though.

I eliminated cereals and a lot of other things, I'm a low carber now, even an english muffin would be too much for me. I was eating nature's path low sugar, low carb high fiber/protein whole grain/bran cereal which is what I ate before, alternating with oatmeal. I would add some fruit and have it with almond milk. It is 18 g per 3/4 cup, all whole grains etc. but it still spiked me too much. you could try it and see what happens.

Any type of grain spikes me unacceptably. My go to breakfast is eggs with either bacon or sausage.

To provide a break I recently got a waffle iron. I searched the web for low carb waffle recipes. I found one that used almond flour, coconut flour, flax meal and whey protein powder. I substituted almond milk for buttermilk. Be careful when choosing a whey protein powder most have a sweetener which can cause problems. I was pleasantly surprised how light they came out. I topped them with butter, cinnamon and a few blueberries.

Not really cereal but they do provide another option.

sounds delicious !

I just found this, I think I may try it...

This with Unsweeten almond milk does not spike tylers sugar I add some sweetner to the bowl of milk. All other cereal makes his sugar high very high then crash with a low he misses his sugar
Hope you like them if you order they are a little expensive but t is 18 servins i think jo (Tyler’s mom )

Back when I used to try to eat cereal, I liked Trader Joes High Fiber Cereal. It tasted good, was low carb and digested slowly. It had a "reasonable" serving size 2/3 cup, which contained 23g of carbs and 9g fiber, for net 12 g of carbs. Once you get down to about 12g of carbs from the cereal serving, the question is as much about whether you use real milk (12g carbs) or as others have suggested, something like almond milk.

Simple answer (for me) - no. If I'm on the run I grab a couple of hardboiled eggs. There are a few Atkins bars that I have for breakfast occasionally if I don't want to cook.

I've tried all sorts of cereals and they all make me spike. Some less than others, but the spike is still there, so I just avoid them completely. Eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese are better breakfast ideas and not too hard. Also, you can fry an egg pretty quickly and then put it on a muffin.

I'd like to suggest that you visit the Dr Bernstein Forum on this site. He is an advocate of low carb and we have all benefitted.

Dr. B actually suggests that you break up GG Bran Crisps as a cereal, you can pour cream or almond milk on them and still limit yourself to his 6g of carbs. I never liked it as a cereal. I like the GG Bran Crisps, they have sort of a molasses flavor, but not as a cereal.

I eat low carb but cereal is the one thing that I really miss. It's more trouble than it's worth to me bg-wise so I eliminated it, but I do miss it.

My husband is not diabetic but also eats low carb to manage his weight. One night we were sitting in the den watching tv and he randomly said out of the blue... "I miss cereal". :)

If you're going for the lowest carb, just use heavy whipping cream, a couple of tablespoons of it, not half the bowl like we all used to do with milk.

You are right, I've done that and I've also thinned out the cream with water. Another thing I used to do was use yogurt. I make homemade greek style yogurt.

I'm in the same boat with cereal spikes. I've got some soy based one's coming. We'll see how it goes. Recently on 5 mcg. of Byetta in place of Januvia. I was hoping it would help and really don't want to increase my dosage to 10 mcg. I'll try some oatmeal with three raspberries and light yogurt and see how it goes. What helps is to immediately go on a bike ride after eating. I'm retired so it's convenient for me.
I really miss big a bowl of branflakes.

McCann's Oatmeal, from Ireland, is also gluten-free. It comes in everything from Instant (spiking the most) to Steel-cut (spiking the least).

My son eats Special K Protein Plus without a large spike.

Spoon Size Shredded Wheat works for me, but it took me a lot of trial and error to get there. When I am exercising regularly, I start with a banana (bolus 15 - 20 minutes ahead), then when eating the banana, I bolus for the cereal.

When I am NOT exercising, the only thing I add is an extended bolus for the cereal (typically about 50% more bolus) of about 2 hours.

It is a lot of carbs, especially if you are pursuing a low-carb diet, but it does other good things for me.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try some Special K. I need to learn to like cottage cheese so I can get some lowfat protein in me to slow down the absorption rate. The Byetta's supposed to do that,but I'm only on 5 mcg along with 2500 mg Metformin and 10 mg. Glipizide.
I'm also able to obtain fresh backed soy based bread in San Diego here. Not to tasty,but it's something substantial with pb and sugar free walmart jelly which I prefer over Smucker's

I've had good luck with Kashi GoLean. Lots of fiber and protein, low in carbs, pretty tasty (in my opinion). They make other, fancier versions of GoLean, but those are higher in carbs.