Breakfast Protiens

I am looking for some information on protiens for breakfast...I can't eat eggs and I need a low fat sub for things like cottage cheese, peanut butter, and greek yogurts. I am wondering about protien powders. I know that I have to do my own research on them, but I was wondering if they slow digestion down as a solid protien would? Anyone have any experiences with them?

Why low fat? You can't do low carb and low fat at the same time. That is just the way it is. You can't eat more than like 40% of your calories from protein without problems. You will actually get sick, it is actually called Rabbit Starvation.

Protein powders are useful, for much of my diabetic career I would have a protein shake first thing in the morning. I used a 100% whey protein powder I got from Costco and mixed with whole milk or cream. Certainly not low fat. If you really want an all protein breakfast, mix protein powder with water and drink it. You will probably have to hold your nose to drink it. Whey protein with cream is more like a milkshake and a real treat.

Thats very helpful information Brian..ty!

I use protein powder frequently. Protein powder digests more quickly than other protein. To keep carbs down, I blend with unsweetened almond milk & flavoring (unsweetened cocoa powder, decaf espresso, different extracts). Very filling & thick. The brand I use

Take a look at tofu. You can prepare it like scrambled eggs. Add some salsa and LF cheese and you won't have to hold your nose.

Thanks guys...all very helpful

I like a smoothy sometimes. I use berries in it as they are lower than tropical fruits, as well as almond milk, whey powder, water/ ice and a couple tablespoons of quick oatmeal. The carbs from the oatmeal help to stave off hunger for me, and oatmeal helps to stabilize my sugars- but you don’t even notice the oatmeal in it!

What are the benefits of using almond milk?

Unsweetened almond milk has very few carbs (2 carbs for 8 oz.), is low calorie, has a good amount of calcium & none of the growth hormones & antibiotics of cow's milk.

I use unsweetened almond milk too. A nutritionist told me that whey protein is not ideal, so I do half whey protein and half soy protein (soy takes some getting used to). I also do half almond milk and half yogurt.

What's not ideal about whey? Whey has the highest protein content of any protein powder. Soy's not healthy & am surprised a nutritionist would recommend soy.

Hi Tami - @Brian has some good info above. I am completely dairy-free, except for my protein shake. I have been lactose intolerant my whole life, but Whey protein ISOLATE is the best protein for me. I have experimented with them all, soy/egg/whey, ect. I would not recommend SOY at all, especially for men. Check out the brand, ISOPURE, they can be a little more expensive, but found them to be great. I am also now using an isolate I found at costco in Canada, I had never heard of them before, but really good so far called Kaizen. One thing to watch out for with protein shakes in the am though is that they will raise your BS even though they say 0 carbs. Feel it out and I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk or my new favorite is Vanilla Coconut milk to mix. Hope this helps!

Thank you for all of the responses. I thought that the nutritionist felt that whey is high in mild sugar, but I don't really know anything more about that, I just assumed that it made sense. But people here seem to be a lot more informed.

What is the problem with soy?

make that milk sugar

Tami, in addressing your question, I too have problems getting enough protein at breakfast. Really at any meal! I personally have found that my protein shakes, in which I include frozen fruit and frozen or fresh vegetables tend to stay with me a long time, and keep my bc pretty level. That's me, and I think everyone is different. I also eat a lot of almonds to supplement my protein, and they are long lasting.

Tried the whey...had a massive gonna try the Kaizen, I have heard it is a slower digestive powder

Let us know how that works for you. I’d be interested to know.