I am type 2
and manage to keep between 6.2 & 7
my biggest prob is breakfast
I have bacon toms and egg most time with tom juice
any ideas for a good alternative please

Hi Colin: :)

I think there is a similar thread with many good ideas for breakfast.

For now I'll say, I enjoy a few tablespoons of cottage cheese with a slice of whole wheat toast, a glass of almond milk, coffee, 2 pieces of bacon and sometimes a small bowl of unsweetened applesauce(or a sugar free berry yogurt.

Here are some of the past topics discussed regarding breakfast. Hope it helps :)
Just to name a few.

Breakfast is where I can allot most of my carb intake for the day so I enjoy it most. Omelets are my favorite with mixed veggies, meat (bacon, ham, chicken, turkey, mushroom) and cheese
There are several Groups here too, that may help you with some recipes:

Great answer Teena. That is like a portal to good breakfast eating. Like many, I am very insulin resistant in the morning and I'll often awake with high blood sugars due to Darn Phenomenon. So I eat almost no carbs for breakfast, usually just eggs, sausage and bacon. I also love herring and mackeral. Those are great for breakfast, but I usually reserve those for a treat with my salads.

My suggestion is to be creative. Eat anything for breakfast.

Breakfast, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

You can eat leftovers or meals that you might consider more like dinners.

This is a most interesting question.

Breakfast for me was - until I got my liver sorted out and dawn phenonomon sorted out. It was critical to go very low glycemic - protein based and very low carbs until body - pills - insulin injections up and rolling otherwise massive spike in am.

Today with body running better, I have more choices.

Brian(bsc) choices sound solid to me, logical and necessary for a type 2 diabetic in am.

I still keep carbs low, 300 calories total - 1 egg and 2 pieces of bacon/or ham and small piece of carbs - fried potato patty - fried. Yes I know I hear the knashing of teeth and socks rotting off from here.

I watch out for no more extra carbs than absolutely necessary - watch out on fruit juices, breads, milk products etc. By lunch time after body is running not an issue. Coffee mate, canned creame etc are a real pain.

In am Pills can take from one to 2.5 hours to get up to speed - so that I am very careful in am as body is usually all over till back up and running smoothly. I do not push my luck and am surprised by some of the advice from aome quarters for bad T2's starting up in morning after body shut down all night and most pills swept out, insulin cratered etc.