On the Go Breakfast Ideas

Hi all! So I’m looking for some new on the go breakfast ideas. I don’t have time in the morning to cook a fancy breakfast and I usually eat in the car. What do you like to eat on the go in the morning?

No offense, but eating in the car is called “distracted driving” and if not illegal (like texting and cell talking) it should be! It takes me 10 minutes to make a good breakfast and maybe another 10-15 to eat it. A lot better for the digestion and the stress level than shoveling food in your mouth and putting other drivers at risk on the road!

Lol. Oops. I carpool actually…my sister drives. :slight_smile:

i usually eat any type of granola/breakfast bars…and it’s getting old! sometimes i will prepare a yogurt smoothie and pop it in the freezer while i get ready, then it’s nice and slushy when i leave :wink:
i usually sleep till the last minute, so there is no time to do much of anything! lol!

Ok, you’re off the hook! (LOL). If you can eat cereal, that’s obviously the quickest and easiest. I can’t, so for me I make eggs scrambled with chillis, tomatoes and onions and 1/2 c of refried black beans. I make the beans for the week on the weekend. Yeah, I probably do have more time than you. How about just scrambled eggs and a slice of toast?

I really think a breakfast at home is a better less stressful start to a busy day, then maybe throw your second cup of coffee in a to-go cup for the car? I’m just a believer in things we can do to be more healthy and less stressed. But I’m sure others will contribute more portable foods!

I like to eat fruit, yogurt, granola bars…Smoothies are good and you can prepare the night before. Also I like Jimmy Dean turkey sausage muffin. It has egg whites on a whole grain english muffin. I pop it in the oven while I get ready and grab it on the way out the door…

My new favorite breakfast treat is somewhat portable. I take a whole-grain English muffin and split it in half. Then I whisk two eggs with a little milk. I soak the English muffin in the egg mixture (you can do other things while it soaks) and then heat up a pan and cook the “English toast” until it is brown on both sides (two minutes?) and then add the left-over eggs to the pan to scramble. When the eggs are just done, I turn off the heat, put a couple of ounces of cheese on top of the eggs, cover it, and go about my business while everything finishes cooking and getting melty. When I’m ready to eat, I put the egg, cheese mixture between the two halves of the English muffin and eat it with a spoon. If you’re not driving, you could eat this from a bowl, no problem.

If it’s too much food, you can do the same thing with half a whole-grain English muffin and one ounce of cheese – just serve it open-faced with the muffin on the bottom.

The whole-grain muffins I have are 23 carbs (so it would be 12.5 carbs if you do half). The cheese has one gram of carbs per ounce.

Get up a little early

Get out a skillet put Pam in it.

In a bowl add 1 egg 90 calories 0 carbs

3 slices of pre cooked bacon I use Hormel 70 calories 0 carbs

crumble bacon in bowl that has egg

Add a little milk

Whip put in skillet scramble

A good breakfast 5 minutes 0 carbs.

Takes 5 minutes


This morning I was in a hurry, so I had a piece of toast and a glass of grape juice. I could have added strawberry jam, but like I said, I was in a huge hurry.

A couple of hardboiled eggs and a chunk of protein-cheese, chicken, ham… Easy peasy :slight_smile:

It depends on what your diatary requirements are. I eat low carb, so my weekday breakfast is 2 Kavli crisps (or a microwave muffin), a 1oz slice of cheese (havarti, cheddar, etc), and some cold cuts. I generally toast this and wrap it in a paper towel. Its quick and easy.

A non low carb diet… A granola bar? I used to have granola at work mixed with muesli and rice milk. Maybe a rice cake with PB or toast and PB/jelly?

Hardboiled eggs. Cheese. Sometimes an Atkins bar.

A yogurt smoothie, really? :slight_smile: My kids make those all of the time, and I drool with jealousy. I stopped eating yogurt years ago because it would cause my sugars to spike, even if I used the “light” ones with far less carbs. My endo, at the time, told me that yogurt cause spikes because of the way it was processed, so after that point, I just stopped eating it. What do you put in your smoothies and what kind of yogurt do you eat?

What a great idea! I never would have thought about making english muffins french toast style. :slight_smile:

I like the Special K protien bars with a banana. :slight_smile:

It may sound boring, but I drink 1 Glucerna. It is quick and easy. Since it is a constant amount of carbs and I know exactly how much insulin I need, it makes one meal of the day very easy. Also since I started doing this I find I am not craving carbs mid morning, I think this is do to the fact it contains protein and fat. Some may think it expensive, but it is not much more then the price of a coffee at Starbucks!

larabars are great if you’re not a low-carber or closely watching calories. they’re on sale for a buck apiece at my local shaw’s and are delicious and pretty healthy (all natural ingredients, 40/30/30 CHO/FAT/PRO or very close to it.

my go-to is a slice of ezekiel cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter…takes 2 minutes and i can eat it while walking to school. maybe 20 carbs but it’s relatively low GI and has fat and protein.

yogurt + homemade granola
yogurt + fresh fruit (apples, bananas…)
homemade fruit-and-nuts muffin

  • usually about 32-48 carbs

Great suggestions!

I make a big frittata and cut it up, freeze what I am not going to eat right away, so that I have a slice of tasty vegetable frittata for breakfast or lunch or whenever. It can be wrapped or put in a sandwich box to eat on the way to work. Eggs and vegetables work well for a diabetic breakfast.