Yelp! I could use some help here

Hey, y’all,

I’m struggling a bit and could use some simple, easy, yummy recipies for the perfect Dr. B lunch at work or when otherwise on the run…

What do you eat when you don’t have time to hang out in the kitchen; an eat and run kind of thing?

I’ll start with my go-to quick thing: cold left-over roasted chicken and celery sticks.

But boy does it get boring…

Any ideas?

low carb recipes

Here is a youtube link. It’s shows many atkins styled recipes.


I usually double up my recipes so there is always something in the freezer, eg., hamburgers, soup, LC pita pizza (ready to toast), goulash, flax muffin with cold cuts and cream cheese, etc. Knackwurst (german sausage) and sauerkraut is a quick go to for me as well.

When Im not in the kitchen (or have access to my freezer) I usually eat out. I end up with sandwiches on croissants, then remove the croissant and turn the end items over (lettuce on one side, cheese on the other), or go for a Cobb salad from places I know use a low carb dressing. If I run by whole foods there is a large selection for lunch, but you have to watch out for those hidden carbs in their food (korean pulled pork is a good example). I sometimes end up buying double entrees to make sure I get enough fat / protein (el pollo local its a twice grilled burrito, loose the tortilla, then a plain salad with ranch).

Do you like to cook? I have a big freezer. There are lots of things you can make in quantity on the weekend, separate into individual servings and freeze. Like Chili, Stew and hearty Soups. Just bring in a serving and heat it in the microwave. My core meals are all typically built around meat, seafood or dairy and veggies, typically green. I am a huge fan of spinach, kale and all those southern favorites. I actually would eat them right out of the can, but usually I’ll heat them up.

Oh, and don’t forget, cottage cheese and world peace.

:slight_smile: mmmmm…cottage cheese…

I need to get containers for freezing things for the week. I keep cooking big batches on Sunday and then letting things go bad in the fridge. Gah.

Living alone, I’m almost used to eating the same thing over and over, but it would be nicer if I could space them out over a few weeks.

Thanks for reminding me.

If you need suggestions or recipes check out the Group–Low Carb Swap or Exchange. There you can find anything from Snacks to Main Meals. Then there is this is Linda’s web site, it is great. Give them both a try.

Thanks! I’ll check them out. ;0)

I bought this really neat omlette maker for the microwave, it is white, you crack an egg in each side, throw some real bacon bits in stick it in the M-wave for a minute, add the cheeze and voila you got yourself a 2 minute omlette.

Handfull of Walnuts, and a cup of berries. Beef jerky, but read the label. Beef jerky, or turkey jerky is yummy quick and easy. I like to buy cheese strings as well. They are easy, and a no carb snack.

I am sure I can think of more but thats a good start anyhow. Cheers!

Trev the famous blogger(Kidding, but I can dream)

Thanks, Trev. Excellent ideas.

I forgot about the wonders of string cheese – so easy and so satisfying when you’re in a hurry. I like mine with a cup of cherry tomatoes. Yum!

I like the idea of that microwave omelet thingy – I’ve never had one. I’ll check it out.

I saw a recipe for making egg frittatas in a muffin pan, too. I guess you can freeze them individually and then reheat them at work in the micro. That sounded yummy, too. I need to get a muffin tin and try it.

No more whining from me! I want to learn all the low-carb tricks and stop being such a baby about learning a new way to cook and eat – the lower bg’s ARE worth it. I can tell an IMMEDIATE difference in my eyes (less blurry, better night vision).