Pump Accessories

I’m new to the pump (about a month in) and also new to this site. I’m hoping to get some feedback about accessories for the pump. Has anyone used the thigh thing or leg thing? How does it compare with the Round About? I want something I can attach to my leg when I wear a skirt but also something that is flat and doesn’t bulge or wear out too quickly. Suggestions please!!

What is a Round About?

I’ve used the Leg Thing just below my knee when I wear long skirts. It doesn’t give me any problems per se, but I just find it annoying with the tubing dangling down. And I’m just not used to having something slightly tight around my leg. The Thigh Thing ought to be similar.

Some women wear their pumps in their bras when wearing dresses – I tried that but didn’t like it either – it stuck out and looked like I had 3 boobs! But other women swear by it!

I’ve found that for me the pump in the bra actually works better on the side under your armpit rather than in front.

I also like having a waist pouch of some kind. I like spibelt.

The problem I had with thigh/leg pouches is that they don’t stay up so I don’t like that.

I purchased a pump thing puch from Tand J Designs - it is customized for each individual wearer. http://www.tandjdesign.com/hiddenpouches.html It has survived and stayed up with my pump during a week’s worth of club dancing on our recent cruise. It was awesome!

I have the bra thing, thigh thing and I love them. But now I clip my pump to my underwear haha and save the accessories for dresses, etc.

The thigh thing did not stay up for me. I would always slide down when I moved around. I also found it uncomfortable to wear around my leg. I don’t know the Round about.

I actually think that the most comfortable is a slip with a pocket sewn into it for the pump or I wear stretch pant shorts that I roll up with the pump inside. I have also used a MP3 player designed for arms on its loosest setting. It stayed up well, but became a bit too tight.

Thanks for sending the website info! I only checked it out for a second but the pricing seems in line with competitors and since it’s customized, I’ll probably be able to get a good fit for my chicken legs!!!

I don’t wear dresses however I tore my hamstring in my final Tae Kwon Do test and got a Zensah compression thing for my thight that helped the recovery and, I’ve noticed, is really sturdy for holding a pump on my leg. I don’t have all that much use for that application of it but it occurred to me that it would be useful in these applications. I have some calf ones too that I’m using more often these days.

Yup, I am a bra-wearer. I am a bit busty so that helps conceal it in a way. Depending on what I wear, there are times here & there where you can see a 3rd square boob! Hahaha!

Yes, I think I remember that being a problem years ago for me too (thigh thingy).

Thanks for sharing the website, I’m going to try the thigh thing they sell. I have had my thigh thing from Animas for about 5-6 years. The only way I was able to get it to stay up on my leg was to put a piece of elastic around it. So I cut a piece of thin elastic (the kind you buy at a fabric store), pulled it tight, and tied it in a knot. Then I connected it to the thigh thing with a safety pin. This has worked for me all these years. I have never tried the bra thing because I think it would be way too obvious sticking out of my chest.

Doesn’t the tubing get in the way when you wear the calf thing?

I agree with you on the bra thing… I think one would need very large breasts to get away w/ stashing the pump anywhere around that area! Haha… not me!

The pump in between my breasts gives me a “third breast look”. So I can’t get away with that either.

Some women wear it on the side of their bra, underneath their arm pit. I haven’t tried that before, but I always imagined that it would not be comfortable.

Well, I use the calf ones b/c they help increase circulation in my calves, which seems to alleviate sore muscles? I would not want to run with the tube on my calf b/c of the tube but the thigh thingy, which I don’t use that much on my thigh, would make a useful ‘holder’ and the running thigh compression bands, or at least the Zensah brand ones, seem quite a bit sturdier, at least sturdy enough to hold up to the dress use . Plus, if you get carried away with your double front kick, they are handy to have around!

I just run the tubing down my leg and coil whatever’s left over in the Leg Thing. I still don’t like it as much as wearing it on my waist band, but I look terrible in skirts!! So I wear dresses, and just put up with it!

I have done both Spanxs or Assets (cheaper version of Spanxs) and ran the tubing down on inside of these and clipped to inside of thigh with the screen facing/touching thigh. I tried just tucking it in that same spot once and it fell out and was dangling in between my legs as I was walking to the restroom at a graduation ceremony. The dangling was bad…but trying to grab it and keep walking wasn’t pretty either.

It looked like I had had a computer for lunch and was pooping the undigested parts. I’ll just leave all of you with that lovely little visual.

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