Bye bye Liberty Medical

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Liberty Medical, a diabetes-supply firm based in Port St. Lucie, informed the state on Thursday that it plans to lay off 263 employees on Aug. 27.

I’ve heard from a few Liberty customers Liberty transferred all of their paperwork to Edgepark.

Oh great. Had enough trouble when these incompetent bozos swallowed up Neighborhood Diabetes, my original supplier that operated right out of Joslin and had a representative I was on a first-name basis with. Now they’re getting engulfed by yet some larger (and therefore even more incompetent) behemoth? What is this, the jurassic era?

The medical supply industry is operating on the thinnest possible margins. Watch for new acquisitions and mergers coming soon. As one owner told me recently, “we used to make $5.00 off the sale of a box of quick sets. Now we make $5,00 off of a total order”. Look for more and more manufacturers doing distribution.

I just got an order from Liberty Medical about two weeks ago. I hope the entire company isn’t being swallowed up, as they have been great for the past four years.

I’m having troubles connecting my insurance company to Edgepark. they said they called Edgepark and were told that they no longer carried CGM stuff. Which was nonesense…

BTW, Edgepark actually answers their phone right away now…

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I was on hold 20 minutes waiting for someone two days ago. I’ve had nothing but problems with them, but it’s where my insurance insists I get CGM supplies from .

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I am getting my supplies from Byram Medical. It is an excellent company, no complaints. There is very little wait for phone conversations. I used to use Liberty, and they were awful! Shipments with some wrong supplies, and awkward conversations on the phone with long waits. I am glad I am with Byram now.

I’m going to try to switch to Byram. My favorite thing about Liberty? The part where they actually lied to me about my order. Gotta love that. I hear Edgepark is worse.

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