C-section set for tomorrow morning

I can’t believe it’s finally here and that my baby girl is going to be in my arms tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a bit crazy since it’s going to be a C-section/tubal ligation/hernia repair all rolled into one. I know this is going to be such a different experience that I had with my first munchikin and I’m still trying to mentally prepare myself. Any last minute pumper advice? Anyone keep their CGM on during their c-section?

I needed to turn down my basals even before the birth. I generally had more lows in the last week of pregnancy, but to maintain my blood sugar, I turned my basal down to 70% during the night before the c-section and my blood sugars kept dropping. I went into the c-section around 100 and came out just around 70. I’m not sure if my experience was unique or not.

If possible, have your partner hold your baby close to his skin as soon as possible after the birth. Our son got to cuddle against my husband’s bare chest while they finished the c-section. A good substitute when we can’t hold the baby right away!

I hope that everything will go smoothly! Keep positive and confident about your ability to breastfeed!!

Most importantly, enjoy snuggling with your little one once you are able. For me, the first day was hard and tiring – but just remind yourself that you have many beautiful days ahead!!