Donations for folks in Alabama

Hey, I know that we’re all feeling the pinch of the economy, but I really feel for the people in Alabama that were effected by the recent tornadoes. I have extra supplies that I’m not using as I recently switched pump companies which are individually wrapped, but not boxed. According to JDRF’s website, they have to be unopened, which I’m assuming, they’re wanting them to be boxed still as to provide the person with things like the LOT numbers, etc.

If anyone knows of anyone using an Animas pump, I have some Inset 90’s, 6mm, 23 inch tubing and reservoirs for the Ping that are free to a good and needy home. Also, I have some Quickset 6mm, 23 inch tubing as well for a MM pump. Along with other various assorted supplies. These are all sealed, but not in the boxes.

I am willing to ship these things to whomever can use them. Please contact me if you know of anyone that’s in need!



Two options for you to donate these: (Chuck, the founder of this organization, is a member of TuDiabetes:

Hope this helps!


Thanks Elizabeth!

I’ve been working to coordinate relief efforts across the state for diabetics. I’ve been working with ADA and JDRF to collect supplies (unopened and unexpired). We’ve delivered several bins of supplies to various counties and agencies. After initial emergency needs were met, we’ve been trying to supplement supplies to people so it’s one less thing they have to worry about.

We’re also donating supplies to local medical clinics and disaster relief organizations for continued needs and for next time. Beyond tornado relief, the longterm goal is to help the disaster agencies and uninsured diabetics.

So far, it’s been very successful. I’m not actively requesting supplies any longer because of the overwhelming support we’ve received! But I am – and will continue – accepting anything that can be used! (Especially pump supplies).

The needs are tremendous and far-reaching as more than 40 counties in Alabama have been disaster areas. Thank you for the support and the help.

Victoria Cumbow