Please Help Fellow PWD in the Philippines

The recent typhoon that struck the Philippines was catastrophic, leaving many without vital diabetes supplies. A recent call for outreach for World Diabetes Day explored trying to help out:

World Diabetes Day 2013 is dedicated to the devastation of the Philippines and the tragic loss of lives.

It’s difficult to think about diabetes when people are also trying to survive without access to food, water and shelter, but in the days ahead after much needed essential aid is deployed and ground crews are able to reach survivors, managing acute and chronic illness will become a priority. Helping people to manage and care for diabetes will be of a part of that effort.

“This is a life and death situation for those relying on insulin to stay alive,” says Ron Raab, President of Insulin for Life, a non-profit organization that donates diabetes supplies to over 83 countries around the world, often sending supplies in response to emergency requests or as part of ongoing sustainability programs.

People who live with diabetes depend on insulin and have a limited period of time to sustain life without medically necessary medicines: insulin, clean syringes, oral medication, antibiotics, antiseptic for wounds, kidney dialysis and so much more. One organization focused on getting much needed diabetes supplies to areas most affected by super typhoon Haiyan is Insulin for Life (IFL).

According to Raab, supplies are getting in, “We have sent donated insulin and supplies to the Cebu area of the Philippines, close to the area of devastation caused by super typhoon Haiyan.” One of his volunteers, Juvy Holasca confirmed a number of shipments sent to Cebu the 13th November which will reach patients in the next few days.

For more information and how you can help see this post over at

Some how in my age-diabetes-male addled brain, I didn't make this connection.

Can't afford it. Donated anyway.

Ain't I grand?

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I didn't think of this aspect of the disaster, either!

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Has anyone donated to insulin for life? Now that my son is on a pump I have extra supplies. Do you ship the insulin via regular mail or overnight? Any ideas on shipping costs? I know it’ll depend on where you ship from but any ballpark figures?

I have sent insulin to Insulin for Life. My mail order prescription company went on autopilot and repeatedly sent me 6 months of supplies every 2 months. Anyway, I sent some vials to Insulin for Life. I believe I sent the cooler in the 2-3 day delivery category. I included all the ice packs too. They send you all the shipping labels if you call them first.
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I don't know about sending insulin and supplies to someone else. The last I heard, it was illegal to give out prescription items to another party. This was an issue some years ago with this site, too, with some making pleas for supplies. I would gladly donate some supplies if I were sure it wouldn't get me in trouble.

I would love to donate money, but I have exactly $60 for groceries for the month! Snafu with my lower pension and a county entity upping my cost-share amount. With all the deadbeats getting unwarranted assistance, I can't even get a small amount for myself. I just wish that my state would send funds to disaster areas instead of the deadbeats already on assistance! Sorry if this sounds bitter. I feel like my hands are tied either way.