Calling for interviews with people with diabetes in the Bay Area

IDEO is one of the world’s most amazing design firms. They are preparing a workshop for an upcoming Health 2.0 conference. They contacted me to get the word out about this.

If you are interested, please contact:
Angelique C. Ilusorio
650.289.3794 direct

We are looking for patients willing to contribute their stories for our workshop. Here is a little more information about what we are looking for:

  • Bay Area resident
  • Has diabetes; preferably recently diagnosed, but not necessary
  • Willing to talk about their experience with diabetes on video (1 hour interview), for a short piece to be shown at a health conference
  • Willing to give permission to use their image for the video, which may also be shown outside the Health 2.0 conference
  • Interview is paid, $100 (paid upon completion of interview)

Wish I still lived in the Bay Area. I’d do it in a second…

I suppose Fresno isnt really the bay area…darn! I guess you have to be closer than 3 hours away! I would definitely do it if I lived there! I do fit the recently diagnosed criteria though.