Open Casting Call: Looking for People for World Diabetes Day video in Southern California

DEADLINE: Wed. September 22, 2010

We are currently conducting a very exciting viral video project in collaboration with and for World Diabetes Day. In order to feature REAL people (not actors) in the video we want to reach out to everyone in the diabetic community as part of our Casting Call (I know: we’re getting sophisticated, aren’t we?!)

We are seeking people:

  • Of all ages
  • Of all ethnicities
  • Of all body types
  • Who can move with exaggerated and joyful enthusiasm

Young Girl & Boy

  • Age: 9 - 17
  • Helpful Attributes 1: For one of the characters, we need someone that can dribble a basketball or soccer ball. Or a Hackey Sack.
  • Helpful Attributes 2: Can be part of a playful & flirty couple

Young Man or Woman

  • Age: 18 - 35

Middle Aged Man or Woman

  • Age: 36-59
  • Helpful Attributes: A man with a good belly that's comfortable running shirtless

Senior Man or Woman

  • Age: 60+


  • You are going to be in Southern California in late September or early October
  • No acting experience needed
  • No speaking is required


Please contact us at Be sure to include:

  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • A full body photo shot
  • Link to a video (new or existing) that shows you as outgoing and comfortable in front of a video camera. It does not need to be high quality. A reasonable quality camera phone video works.
DEADLINE: Wed. September 22, 2010

LOL!!! :slight_smile:

So are you comfortable running shirtless? :smiley:

I am comfortable running shirtless. I am on MDI so I also have the bruises. LOL I was dx’ed type 1, 2 years ago at age 52. If it helps I am also a Veteran.

If you will be in the So. Cali area in late September-early October, please send us an email at the address above ( with the details mentioned.



Here are a few shots of myself, bike racer, hero of the marathon at Carlsbad 2009, and shot of myself and daughter Madeline in Arizona at Montezuma’s pool.

Little history of myself? Go to, search: Bill Carlson, diabetic ironman, pioneer.

Yours, Bill Carlson
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I would so love to do this but unfortunately I live in NY and won’t be traveling any time soon due to my current health issues, awesome idea though!

WOA, man!!

You are legend!

Totally interested, just need to make the video. Thanks Manny

Super! Please email all things above to video AT by Wedneysday.

Take care,

I’m not going to be in Southern Cali, nor do I have a “good belly” but please keep us posted on this video and when it is released, let us know. Thanx!