Calling On the Community!

I have been smoke free for over 2 years now. It has been a long road but one that I was able to handle because of the support of my family, friends, and the Diabetes Online Community! All of your comments, support, ideas, stories, and cheering made quitting much MUCH easier.

So now I need your help. Or I should say, I need your support to help a friend of mine.


Erin sent me message recently asking how I was able to quit smoking. She has been a smoker for a while now and wants to quit. I shared with her my story and my method and she wants to try it to.

I suggested that she blog about it here on Tu Diabetes so that this awesome community could offer support, help, and cheer her on!

Her plan is to quit this Sunday (Dec. 21st) and not tell her husband and kids until Christmas morning. That way, it will be an extra gift for them and she will have had a few days already under her belt.

So what do you say? Can you add Erin as a friend and help cheer her on?

I am going to be rooting for her big time because I had many rooting for me! I love paying things forward.

Let’s band together and help her out and if any of you out there are trying to quit, maybe you can do it this Sunday too! Let me know and I will cheer you on as well.

Smoke free Sunday! Woo Hoo!

Stay strong Erin! You can do it!

Thank you ALL for the support. I’ll be posting my story and then will keep a daily log of my progress. Please keep me in your thoughts … I have a terrible history of trying to quit, then stopping. I always have used the “I’m not a quitter” line, but this time, I’m determined. Call me QUITTER! : )


Special thanks to you!

welcome erin! you must be pretty special, as our George doesn’t just help just ANYONE! you can do this… you know you can! and on christmas day, think of the present your family will receive!