Were you a smoker?

One of the members of tudiabetes, Erin Argueta, is going to quit on Sunday December 21st. I was thinking it would be cool to mention how you quit? Cold Turkey? The Patch?

And what made you quit? A doctor? Your family?

I used a nicotine patch and quit to save my toes. It was and is my main reason for stayin smoke free. My kids, wife, and health all mean the world to me but for some reason I needed my toes to be the driving force. I did not want to resent my wife and kids if I hated quitting.

Let me know how and why you quit!

I was a smoker. Don’t ask how long because its scary but, I did just wake up one day and say this is the day. I went cold turkey and never looked back. Here I am 6 yrs later. Smoke free.

I smoked for 32 years and quit cold turkey 4 years ago. My anniversary is November 18. It was one of the hardest things I’ve every done BUT it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I used a very helpful cold turkey, no-relapse-tolerated, support group at www.whyquit.com. Our online community of ex-smokers who have used the program is still going strong.

Congratulations all you ex-smokers and my best to Erin. You can do it Erin. One cigarette, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

Thank you! I’m determined. I’m going to do this. Call me QUITTER : )

I smoked for about 13 years. I quit (cold) the year I was almost bankrupt, my dog died, I sold my house, and divorced my wife… looking back I think I should have started a career singing the blues right then. The first few days were the worst. =) things have certainly improved!

why? Because I wanted to stop dieing and start living, so every day now, no matter what, I am going to take care of myself.

Erin, best of luck to you! I smoked for about 10 years…one pack a day…I quit cold turkey, too. It wasn’t easy, I chewed on a lot of straws, but it helped. I am so glad I don’t smoke anymore, for so many reasons, my health being first. I wrote out the whole reason I quit on my very first blog on this website. I’ve been smoke free for almost 10 years now! Like Terrry said, take it one day at a time. I’m rooting for you! Way to do it now instead of waiting for New years!!! Go Erin!!!

Thank you for the whyquit link. I think this will be a HUGE help!

I quit on my birthday 11 years ago. I used the patch and screwed up on the directions but I got through it and have been smoke-free ever since. When I finally did, my then 13 year old son wrote me a thank you note for quitting. What a reward that was! Whatever it takes Erin, whatever it takes! You go girl!

Yes, I was a smoker…and now I"m a QUITTER!!! Which time?? =)

I started smoking(Peer Pressure(stupid Kids)…she’s still one of my Best Friends). I tried Nicorette gum, cold turkey, the patch and Hypnosis. They all worked for short-terms like 6 weeks, 3 months, 4,5,6,7,8,9 months. After trying my 26th time, I finally quit, for Good. On the day of the Tsunami, Dec. 26th, 2004. So like Terry, it’s been 4 years(for me this month).

Reason:(I always considered the Kids and did try for them )but I was outside having a cigarette one night admiring the stars at my Mom’s. I noticed fireworks to the left of me. I soon realized it was the flashers in my left eye starting up again. I didn’t want to go through laser treatments again and then Vitrectomies like others I had talked to, so that was it. I quit cold turkey and haven’t touched another one since. After about 9 months the flashers disappeared for Good and my eyes are doing Great.

Good for you Erin, you QUITTER you. :smiley: Quit as many times as you have to. Don’t stop. You’re nicotine-addicted brain/body will finally get tired of you quitting and let you loose. Great Luck to you Girl. It feels Good. (I hear Chantix works Well for many).

I smoked for 17 years, as I started very young. I quit 2 years ago September 20th. I love being a nonsmoker and wouldn’t smoke again for the world.

How’d you do it? Patch? Cold turkey?
I’ve tried the patch and chantix and think the patch will be the right solution for Sunday, but I’m curious to see what worked for others.

I tried acupuncture. It’s hard to say if it actually helped because I was ready to quit, I had tried several times but two weeks after the 6th treatment all cravings were gone. I’ve been smoke free for years now.

My husband smoked for 10 years and quit right after we met because I wasn’t comfortable dating a smoker. But the patch really helped him. He did it for about 6 weeks. He was irritable and had rough nightmares on it, but he quit. Then he sort of became addicted to munching on Altoids for a while. He was able to kick that monkey after my friend’s husband said he smelled like an Altoid. But he’s smoke free now 2 and a half years. And mint free too, thank goodness.

It’s been about 8 years, and it was hard to do. I used Nicorette gum for one week. Then I went cold turkey.

I used Welbutrin to quit, I quit last January and was a 2 pack a day smoker. I took the medicine for 1 week before cutting out the smoking out. Havent had a craving since, and I have stayed smoke free. I had smoked for about 10 yrs before quitting and tried to quit 3 times before.

Careful with the Chantix though. My husband and I were (are!!!) going to quit the end of January beginning of February. I was going to take the Chantix but we have started seeing the commercials on TV saying Chantix raises your blood sugar and can lead to suicidal and homocidal (sp?) tendencies. He refuses to let me use it. I’m afraid of going cold turkey, he’s not. At first I thought what a joke with all the lawyers trying to drum up business but, a friend of mine quit on Chantix. She said it worked great until the day she was arguing with her 12 year old about going to school and said "sometimes i just want to choke the s**t out of you. She knew it was the Chantix, she would never utter something like that to her children and 24 hours later she was back to her normal motherly self!

I quit because of a pregnancy, it helped that I felt sick cause a cigarette was the last thing I wanted, been 6 years now, i dont even remember what it was like

I tried Chantix too and did not like it. It made me depressed and it was SO expensive! One of my co-workers had the same results. Thanks!