Calorie King Mobile

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Calorie King by now, but if you’re not, it’s a great reference for carb counts in all kinds of foods. It’s available in book format, online and as I recently discovered, for us mobile techno geeks, there is a mobile specific site. If you’ve got a mobile browser and you haven’t seen it, check it out:

Interesting… I can browse to it on my phone, but when I try to enter a search, my Verizon phone’s Web 2.0 browser comes back with an “unsupported content type” error.

Hmm. I’ve got a Treo 750 (WM6) and it works great. Sounds like it’s limited on the browser types. :frowning:

Either the browser (Verizon MobileWeb Mobile Browser Universal Edition/Openwave Systems), the provider (Verizon Wireless), or the access type (Verizon Wireless phone network)

I love Calorie King!! I don’t have a phone that can access it, but I use the website from my computer or the book all the time! Good idea to post this!

I have calorie king on my iphone…I love it!!!

Great to know!! Thanks for sharing the tip, Mike!

Purely at random, I’ve found a site that will work with Verizon mobile:

Awesome service! Thanks for the link.

Does CK let you track your blood glucose numbers as well? I used to use CK a long time ago but that was way before I got a DX for diabetes. I really want something to put it all together!

Personally, I track all of my numbers through my pump (MiniMed Paradigm). Before that, I downloaded my numbers from my meter using their OneTouch software. I’ve never checked with CK to see if they can help you track your BG #s. I just love the resource for carbs.

HI, Mike…we haven’t met before, but I just finished reading some of your posts and already have (1) ordered the invisible shield; (2) will find the book to the sewing machine and figure out how to make button holes; (3) start using and (4) will ask you how you like your iPhone. My contract with Verizon is due to expire on May 12th, and I’m tempted to leave Verizon and change to AT&T for the benefit of using an iPhone. When I read that CarolieKing could also be used on it, that encouraged me even more.

I’ve just gotten my pump and have used it for a few days with saline. On Tuesday, we’re going to start with the insulin. So you see, I’m kind of new at all of these things. I’m very impressed with the pump, however, and look forward to having much better control and a healthier long term arrangement with my diabetes.

I’ll also take a listen to the talk on financial peace. You’re a great resource! Many thanks for so much! ----Anthony, the new guy.