Can I trade in my wife? LOL

Can I trade in my Wife?

I see that on Feb. 14 it is Valentine’s day. Should I invest in that? Wondering why I ask? Well, my story goes like this! I feel that any man over age 80 (like me.) should be allowed to sit all day on the porch year round, in his rocking chair, watching the girls go by.
There are several problems with that for me!
1/ I have no porch.
2/ No rocking chair.
3/ Don’t live in California . (About the year-round.)
4/ Have a wife. ( A very possessive one!)

Lemmy tell you.
I’m looking for a wife that likes to dip her bread into the yogurt. That’s not askin too much now?
I told my wife this morn to just do that and enjoy the marvellous taste that the dip will cause you to enjoy.
She told me that she likes bread with just butter on it. Amagine that! What an insult to the yogurt!
Little later I tried her to try it again! No dice! Then, yes then… everytime I said something to complain about she would say “That’s is the yogurt!” I said that I had very cold hands this morning. There she came at me again “That’s the yogurt!” Why would a woman pick on me like that? Is there any woman on this board, who enjoys dipping her bread into the yogurt?

Just to justify this posting for diabetes purposes, I believe that for every raindrop that falls… (sorry, got carried away)
I believe that for every dip in the yogurt, you will do better with your diabetes and get the full enjoyment out of life that you deserve. Just like I deserve it (My wife willing.)
My next posting will be dead serious about diabetes and all the happiness connected with that.

Your JB for today!

I haven’t tried it, I will let you know! But I question white or wheat, toasted or not. Plain or flavored yogurt? LOL!

I don’t dip bread into my yogurt but sometimes dip crackers into my yogurt. Does that count ? Actually, I much prefer putting peanut butter on my cracker and eating it with the yogurt.

You have got to be kidding. Your 80. How old is your wife? Maybe she should be looking for a nice “young man” that could butter her nights better since you seem to be stuck on some nasty yogurt. Is that a british thing to dip bread into yogurt? I have never hear of such in my ethnic group so I am going to assume it is a cultural thing. :slight_smile:

Bread dipped in yogurt? I cannot at this moment think of anything more revolting! Eeuw!!! & Hi Christalin, no it is not a British thing!

Probably just a John thing LOL.
My wife’s age? You want me to be killed? Let me say that after 60 years of marriage she looks like a very young and attractive lady… This should keep me alive…


Only if I can trade my husband! lol

Thanks for reminding me that Valentine’s Day is coming up!

No, you can’t trade your wife in - once you turn 80, you are stuck with her!

Yes, you better buy her a Valentine’s Day gift or she might be dipping your face in that yogurt.

Can’t say I have ever tried dipping bread in yogurt. Do they make peanut butter & jelly yogurt?

im thinking it may not be yogurt n bread… nudge nudge wink wink lol either way enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

(Not going to contemplate that comment Spica :slight_smile: )

Hmmmm, as I recall JB, your Dear Wife recently received a Certificate of Courage and Indurance for
putting up with you for the last 50 years. Nope sorry, no trade-in for you. She’s not a GM you know. LOL!

I dip my spoon in the yogurt. That’s all I need.

Oh just ask. I’m sure someone would scrounge you up a rocking chair. A porch could be a problem though. Thanks for the Giggle, JB. :smiley:

Yup, I got the rocking chair and the porch, but since we are on cyclone warning I don’t think you would avail yourself of the amenities. Which by the way do not include yogurt and bread…
Give your wife a hug from me, she deserves it.

I think that the C-O-C was for putting up with the disease, not JB!!

Yes, I and JB know that. This discussion is for Fun. :slight_smile:

I think any woman that has stuck by you, and your dipping bread in yogurt and she can still make jokes back at you should be spoiled to death on Valentines Day:)

I don’t eat bread and the only thing that gets dipped in my Yogurt is my spoon or tongue:)

So dip alone and just smile:) to each his own:) and I am sure your sweet wife agrees:)