Can Yo-Yo sleeping cause higher fasting bg's?

I have been having problems with may fasting bg’s. I usually stay between 89, 90-100, but lately I have been seeing fairly HIGH bg’s. I have ruled out Aunt Dottie and food because I have only being eating about 30g of carbs for dinner. I raised my basal setting at night from .50 to .60 and I did see a change 3 fasting bg’s in a row (90-95) but that’s when my 2 year old sleeps all night and doesn’t come to wake me up at 1, 3, or 4 A.M.
Last night I was talking to my husband…I asked him does he think waking up and not getting a full nights sleep contributes to my high fasting BG’s…lol he isn’t a Diabetic but I have to ask him…he said it’s possible. For example last night I went to sleep and my bg’s were 164 2 hrs after dinner. I bolused and went to bed. Niya (daughter) was restless, she doesn’t sleep, mom doesn’t sleep. I woke up this morning and my bg’s were 111 fasting. I can’t change my settings around her sleep because her pattern changes all the dang time.
I wanted to know if anyone has this problem other than me or am I crazy? I go to the Endo Tuesday and I am curious to see what he has to say and to see what he suggest.

Lack of sleep can increase insulin resistance.

i have the other problem because if i can’t sleep it is due to pain and i really believe that when i have alot of pain it “eats” up my insulin and i end up low in the middle of the night. then if i take the orange juice i sometimes end up higher in the am. if i don’t sleep without a low at night i will end up on the low side in the am. kind of a damned if i do, damned if i don’ Being a newbie, only since jan. i am still learning things that will make me high or low. just when i think i have it down something comes along to change everything. for instance, the high heat this week has either dropped me low or run me real high, can’t figure out what i am doing different each time, cus it is like i didn’t change anything. some days cus i am on a sliding scale on my short acting insulin, i have to take more than other days, so i don’ think we have really gotten a handle on what changes my reading and what doesn’t. i am trying to cut down on carbs thinking that i am eating too many and that is what is making my numbers change so drastically. i go to my doctor, gp, on tuesday as well so we will see what my test results are and see if we can figure out what to change to get a more even reading of numbers. good luck with finding out if not sleeping effects u’r numbers, i think there are alot more of things that effect our numbers that the doctors don’t consider.

One of the first things my type 1 son taught me when i first started on insulin was that there are multiple triggers that cause a high or low in our blood sugars. The first major trigger for me was loss of sleep. The second one for me was pain. I have learned about others as well as an increase in the temperature. Each of us will come across things that really make big differences for us. There are all kinds of stressors that can do it and as we go along we will learn what they are for each of us. And just to add one more crazy thing to the loop, as soon as we think we have it figured out, it may skip a time. I may lose an entire night of sleep and think I will have a bad FBS only to find a good one instead. But somewhere during the day or evening my blood sugar will suddenly do some crazy bounce out of nowhere. Then, i will correct it and see what the next night brings.
The only thing I can say, is no you are not crazy, this will happen. Just roll with the punches. Good luck.

Absolutely. Without a doubt. (And I don’t have any kids or puppies…). I have slept poorly all my life, and the nights when I’m thrashing around and up and down I can be guaranteed of waking with high bg.
I know that with children, you can’t take a sleep aid, but, I’ve been on sleep meds for the alst 4 years and it’s really helped with the problem.

No, you are not crazy. That’s one of the things I like about this community - throw out a question and you’ll find that at least a couple of people have some input.

Thank you all for replying!! I am glad to know I am not alone. I will keep you all updated and I will let you know what the Doc says.

I’ve always had somewhat erratic sleep patterns (college student and all) but I noticed during my first set of final exams since being diabetic, my bg patterns went nuts. I ran pretty high the whole time with several pretty low lows. I started off the first night studying in the library until 4am, then went home, showered, ate and continued to study until my 9am exam. Went back to the library and took an hour nap in my car and then studied again until my 2pm exam. Then I went home, ate dinner and crashed until about 11 am the next day. This went on for about 6 days and it was ridiculous trying to keep my bg in check. After exams, when my schedule got back to normal, my bg evened out and went back to its normal patterns. My crazy schedule had an obvious, undeniable effect.