Disturbed nights

Hi everyone

Just wanted to ask a quick question, If you dont get enough sleep, or a disturbed night, does it cause your sugar readings to go higher?
thanks daniella x

I cant say enough about how diffrent my sleep patterns are from a non PWD. I have suffered from insomnia and lack of sleep for most of my adult life. I think it just goes with the territory if your a PWD especially a T1 that has had some low BG at night. My nights are better now with a CGMS but most nights I still have at least one alarm in the middle of the night...but that's better than rebounds all week from low BG.

Thanks for the reply, I am surviving most nights on 4 hrs sleep due to being a full time carer for my hubby and looking after my son with autism, and he dosent sleep very much. I have noticed if i have less than 4 hours sleep my sugars go up a bit.

Wow! 4 hours of sleep is not very much at all. Don't know that I could function on that little rest, let alone manage to track my BG.

In answer to your question: yes, I find that lack of sleep affects my BG. Stress also affects my BG levels as well. And since they can go hand-in-hand it's hard to say that one is the the cause.

Many Thanks for your reply, Im barely functioning at the moment,im so tired most of the time, im getting blurred vision :(

Yes it sure does ! anything that causes stress on my body whether it be physical or emotional causes my blood sugar to rise.

thank you for your reply.

I used to not sleep all that much, like 5ish hours most nights, w/ a couple nights where I just wouldn't sleep/ month. When I started working out a lot more, it stopped. Maybe taking a walk with junior after dinner could knock him out some and help you too?

Hi, I wish I could go out for a long walk, im waiting for knee surgery, go in next month.but I do go on exercise bike every evening.

I suffer from sleep apnea and at least for me it makes a huge difference. If I don't sleep well, I am assured that I will awake the next day with a wicked case of Darn Phenomenon. I have gotten treatment for my apnea and I also take melatonin at night to help keep me from waking.