Can you believe this?

I was invited to a Health Fair yesterday that had more than you could ever ask for. It was near a senior high rise apartment building but was open to all ages. Once I had made it thru all the tables on the outside, I started going thru the inner tables. There is a large kitchen at the back and I started feeling shakey and ill so I headed that way to see if they had anything. Well, they did and were serving light foods. The Health Fair is put on every years by graduating RN’s from Univ. of Mary Hardin Baylor which is a very wealthy private college. The nurses had me sit down and eat an orange they cut up and I asked them where they were taking blood sugars as I had had my hearing tested, spine aligned, blood pressure taken, etc. The nurse answered that there was no one taking blood sugars. Well, she talked to the wrong person as I told her that is was silent and happens to anyone as she should well know. Texas is great for overweight people and they fry everything they eat down here including pickles and twinkies! They asked me to fill out an evaluation as I was leaving after two hours and I wrote that next year they should have someone testing blood sugars and the nurses at the front table all agreed and thought it was an excellent suggestion and didn’t know how they could have overlooked it. I know last year they even tested cholesterol for $15. I still learned a lot of different things so it wasn’t wasted time but was an eye opener for me and all of those graduating nurses.

Good for you! That was meant to be!

Thanks, damomma. I couldn’t believe it and it isn’t difficult to set up and do. I can’t understand how they could overlook it.

Judith it was really good of you to inform the nurse’s that that would be a good idea!

Yeah that was too easy and accomodating to miss that one. You know how silent diabetes is where people don’t know they have this.

Heck yeah especially with the heat and walking around alot. It souns like they were pooly organized or someone dropped the ball.