Can you recommend good book for diabetes nutrition/diet?

Hi All,

I’m recently diagnosed Type 1.5, insulin dependent and having trouble controlling BG. I’ve come to the conclusion I need to do humalog with snacks as anything causes spike. This goes against endo’s warning not to do insuliin more often than every 3 hours.

Can you please recommend a book that will help me?


Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is a wonderful, step-by-step book.

As for your endo’s warning about not using insulin more than every three hours, perhaps he or she was talking about using insulin to correct high blood sugars after a meal? You want to avoid “stacking” too much insulin as this may result in a low blood sugar, but if you’re eating snacks (of the carbohydrate variety) and you spike, perhaps talk to your endo and see if bolusing for snacks is a good idea.

Best of luck Cynthia!

Thanks for the recommendation, awillie I’ll get the book.

Using Insulin by the same author is also an excellent more general book. (not just for pumpers)

Hi Zoe and thanks!

Another book that taught me a lot is Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution. I do not follow his (very low carb) diet, but I learned so much from him.

Check out the website “Blood Sugar 101”. One of our fellow posters, Jenny Ruhl, has authored this and it helped me tremendously. Loaded with good information and articles about diabetes along with a section on Insulin and lots of easy to understand tips and tricks to get your BG under control. I also recommend the website written by David Mendosa. Mr. Mendosa is a fellow diabetic and blogs about all things D. He has lots of information that he has gleaned from medical reports and such. As for books, I agree with Kristin and also recommend Dr. Bernstein. His website is called
Best wishes