Can you run Dexcom Studio software on a Microsoft Surface tablet or other PC Tablet?

I know there are work arounds for Mac and Windows 8 but what about on a Microsoft Tablet? Anyone tried to load the software?

Works beautifully on a Surface Pro, or a Dell Venue 11 Pro (Lenovo, HP, etc etc.) It won't work on anything "RT" based (tablets using the ARM processors) Though, there should be nothing holding Dexcom back from re-compiling the software to work on the lesser Surface tablet or Nokia tablet.

P.S. if you're looking to buy a cheap tablet, and hope it will work with Dexcom, look at the Dell Venue Pro 11 that starts around $500. It's a full PC powered tablet.

What are the work around for it to work on a Mac?

Hello and thanks for the tip. Does Dexcom studio work on the Dell Venue Pro 11? If so what about the Dell Venue Pro 8? The only difference between the 8 and the 11 is the screen size but also the 11 has a full size USB and the 8 only has a micro USB. Do you know if it will work on the Dell Venue Pro 8??

Reason I am asking is I asked Dexcom and their response was Studio does not work on any tablet.
I just want to be sure prior to spending money on a tablet and the program won't work.
Thanks for you input.

Yes, I'm interested in the Mac workaround as well. The only workaround I've heard of is to run Windows in a virtual environment.

I've heard that it works with Parallels, but I have no way of verifying it. I have VMware Fusion(6.0.X) on my Mac(Mountain Lion) and run Windows7 virtual machine in that setup. I could launch studio fine in that environment, but couldn't get it to recognize the device and read the data from it.

In the end, I resorted to keep a separate Dell laptop going, just for reading Dexcom and Omnipod data (the service/software I use for Omnipod only runs on Internet Explorer).