Tech-y Tablet Q from a Not-So-Tech-y Girl

So, our budget mostly keeps us in the technology dark ages, but I think I've convinced the hubs that I'd like a tablet for Christmas. Now I'm stuck on which one.

My question is: Has anyone used the Microsoft Surface (with that handy usb port) to download their dexcom? Can this be done? It sounds super easy to do so and then bring to my endo.

I welcome all thoughts and suggestions :)

I don't have any direct Surface experience. I use a Samsung tablet that is similar though (tablet but runs full windows 8).

If you get the full version of Windows I think you'd be fine. It runs on 'full' windows. But the low-end one runs on Windows RT and that is not compatible w/ many "regular" programs that require a complete windows operating system, so just be cautious with which one you purchase.

Ahhh! Thanks :)

I own a Surface Pro 2. The machine is 100% a PC in function, and 100% tablet only in form. Windows 8 is a dream on the machine too. The "Surface 2" will not work as it is an "ARM" based machine (i.e. not a PC), though it is a nice machine too. Just not made for software like what the Dexcom manager software will run on. So any "ARM" based tablet running Windows 8.1 (RT) will not work.

Also look into the Dell Venue Pro tablets (must be Pro version). They are very similar to the Surface Pro line, and tend to be a bit cheaper. Plus, all of them are "PC" compatible types, and not "ARM" based. They range in price from $300 up to $1,300 with a lot of differences between these models. Please feel free to ask more questions about these if you are interested: and

Thanks, Scott! I appreciate it :)

I took a second look at the Venue 8 Pro, it might not work as it has a strange USB setup. The Venue 11 Pro starting at $499 would be a good starting place anyway.