Can you use U-500 with OmniPod while your pregnant?

Can you use U-500 with OmniPod while your pregnant? 32 weeks pregnant and I’m using about 140 units of Humalog a day to keep my BG’s in check. I still have eight weeks to go and I’m afraid I might hit the 200 unit limit for the Pod before all is said and done. I really don’t want to resort to changing out my pod everyday because I know it’s going to eventually irritate my skin as a result. Anyone got any ideas, tips or gone through this experience before?

You may want to post your questions also in our group called Oh Baby. We have lots of moms in that group who may be able to help!

You may have a very hard time getting someone to prescribe u-500 for the OmniPod. I was just denied that request yesterday. Mention it sooner rather than later to your doc so they have time to look into it. It’s off label for the OmniPod, but Insulet company is aware people use it, and I believe there is a clinical trial going on for it right now. You can find lots of info on it if you google it, but really most doctors are unfamiliar and that is where the problem lies.

Andurea, unfortunately I dont have an answer for you, but thanks so much for posting this, as I am anticipating running into the same issues (not pregnant yet, but fingers crossed will be next year.) Hope your doc is on board for this, as changing Pod’s daily doesn’t make sense to me either? Best of luck!!!

I am using U-500 but in a Minimed pump. All you have to do (other than adjust to it being Regular and not rapid acting like Novolog and Humalog) is to divide/multiply everything by 5. So if you normally does 1 unit to 5 carbs it’d be 1 to 25 carbs (since it’s really 5 units in just 1 unit), etc. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple just have to remember how potent the stuff is. My doctor recommended it for me so I had no problems having it prescribed. But getting the mail order drug company (Medco) to ship me 3 months worth took literally a month because they kept going back and forth with the doctor.

You could also consider using injections for the bolus. If your insulin needs will go back down in a few weeks that might be easier/less complex than switching insulin at this point.

What was the reason they gave you not to use U500 in the pump?

That’s a great idea. I didn’t think of that. I’ll just get a script for Humalog Pen and be done with it. Problem SOLVED!!! I Iove TU!

Andurea, yes you will definitely hit the 200+ mark before it is all said and done :slight_smile: However, I wouldn’t change insulin this late in the game either, so I do like the Pen idea. Good Luck.

The only thing about switching to a pen is it won’t keep track of your active insulin/ insulin on board. So be careful about stacking insulin.

Seems like a good solution though!