Canada - How to get health benefits that covers pump consumables?

Hello all!

I have just been told by my doctor that I qualify for the assistive devices program here in Canada.

This program will pay 100% of the cost of my new pump as well as 2,400$ each year to be spend on the required consumables.

My doctor already told me that the remaining cost I will have to pay out of pocket, and that amount varies with each person but would not tell me how much i should expect to be paying.

I was hoping to get an Animas Vibe pump, and when i spoke with current companies health care insurance provider (sunlife) was told my plan does not have ANY coverage for anything pump related... nothing at all.

My question here is - Does anyone have a ballpark figure how much out of pocket i should be expecting to pay monthly for pump supplies?


Is there a company that would provide me personal health insurance that would cover the remaining cost of my pump supplies?

I am not sure how to approach this, my doctor acted like my benefits through my job would cover the remaining cost, but it does not cover anything... Not sure if i should be worried about this