Canadian mom and son both with Type 1 diabetes

Hello! I am a Type 1 since 1986 and my son was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2006. Check out my blog:

Diabetes x 2

Hi Shirleyanne, I tried to view the blog but there’s something funky about the layout – the text is all set at far left and half the paragraph is cut off vertically. Could be my browser… I’m using a mac… but I thought I’d give you the heads up in case you need to make some sort of alteration to the blog template.

Elizabeth - the blog address was wrong - I updated the post … in case it still doesn’t work paste in: (no www)

it works after you updated. :slight_smile: …Canadian Mom …I was diagnosed in 1983 at age 42 1/2 and just live down the road …in the Shuswap

Hello Nel - nice to meet a fellow Type 1 adult! I spend so much time w/other parents of kids with Type 1 that I don’t often get to talk with adults … most of them are T2. I’m also a pumper - have a Medtronic 7 series and sometimes wear the sensor. My son and I have the same pump. From your picture it looks like you were a torch-bearer! Lucky you! A member of our masters swim club ran and brought it in for all of us to hold and take pictures!

Hi shirleyanne …we seem to have a large number of pumpers in the North Okanagan …handy that both you and Son wear same pump ?? I started the Veo last Thursday . Some learning to do for this not soo young gal …I have felt a bit stressed the past couple of days , but I will overcome .
Do you know Nurse Terry , who worked for MM ?? …another Mom with a child with d.
Indeed I carried the Torch , Jan 27, 2010 right here in Salmon Arm …pls visit my page , where I posted my never expected experience …MLA George Abbott nominated me …he knows me well through CDA’s Advocacy and Team Diabetes participation …stop here , if you come through the Shuswap , OK ?

Went thru Shuswap last summer on the way to Revelstoke! I definitely know Terri Currie - she’s awesome and we have much in common both being T1 with T1 sons … hers is a little older tho. We may look into getting to Veo for me as my 722 is out of warranty (if Manulife will cover a replacement pump for me) … I’d give it to my son though as we can’t afford the $1500 upgrade. It’s amazing how much of a financial hit is for families with T1 …