Most recent omnipod in Canada

Does anyone know the most recent omnipod available in Canada?

You can get the DASH (although I’d personally stick with the older generation). Insulet isn’t saying anything about when Health Canada approval is expected for the closed-loop pod, Omnipod 5. I couldn’t even get an answer about whether they’d applied yet.

That’s what I thought. I am on the 770 insulin pump and was on automode for a year. I was having lows through the the night and afternoon. It seems that the algorithm hasn’t “learned” my basal is low at that time. I have been on manual mode since 3pm yesterday. It is kinda scary as my rates haven’tt been tested in a long time.I thought about going with the omnipod5 but what’s available isn’t anything better than what I have. I want easier. Something that will adjust my rates based on the cgm reading.