Cannula Lengths

I have been using the 6 mm cannulas with my pump for almost 13 years, but accidentally ordered 9mm cannulas with my new infusion sites. I’ve read a lot of posts about going from the 9 to the 6mm but has anyone tried going the opposite way? I do not have any more 6mm cannula infusion sets to use at the moment.

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I have been using quick set 9 MM for many years. I think it depends on location and if enough skin/fat is there.
What location do you use?
You may want to find different areas that have more fat, such as thighs or hips.
But 3 mm isn’t really that much longer.

Or call supplier and see if some or all can be exchanged. Or your doctors office may be able to exchange if they have samples.

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I use both 6 mm and 9 mm at 90 degrees and cannot see any difference.

I’ve tried very hard to pay the difference. No dice, they won’t allow it.