i just got my pump…not wearing it yet. BUT, i was checking it all over and noticed that the cannula on my infusion sets are 17mm long. is that normal? i’m small. and i use the 8mm/31g needles. 17mm seems crazy.

and scary.

tell me if this is normal!

When I started pumping, this is also something that shocked me. One of the differences is that injecting with a small needle like a 5, 6 or 8 mm goes in straight. I’m willing to guess that your infusion set is an angled version - probably 30 degrees. When you use a 30 degree set, the cannula will have to be longer in order to reach the correct depth for proper absorption. I’m using an Animas pump with the Inset 2 infusion sets. The 30 degree sets come with a 13mm cannula, and the 90 degree sets come with either a 6mm or 9mm cannula. You should take a look at the infusion sets that are available for you pump and get something you’re comfortable with.

thanks steve.

this whole pump thing has been a horrible pita since the beginning.

i REALLY think she should have discussed which infusion set i wanted to wear BEFORE ordering 3 months worth. there is NO WAY my insurance is going to cover a different one.

i am so done with this practice. im really angry.

I’m not sure who you get your medical supplies through, but if the box of infusion sets is unopened (and within like a month-3month period, not sure which) they will trade it for a new box of kind you want. (We use Medtronic, but our supplies come from a medical supply company)

i just called them. they have to call my dr’s office.

i might be firing these doctor BEFORE pump training is finished instead of after.