Infusion Set choice?

I’m sure this subject has been beaten to death, but I’m new here, and training on my pump tomorrow afternoon. When I was speaking with my trainer today, she asked which infusion sets I’d “chosen”.
When I was “signed up” for the Minimed 7200, no one asked about weight or body type or any preferences, etc. I was just shipped 4 boxes of Sur-T’s with the pump and resovoirs, etc. She said those were made for those with little body fat, and that I would probably need a 9 mm. cannula/needle. She told me to call Minimed and ask them to replace those.

I did so and the rep said she would send out some Soft Set Ultima 9mm. , 1 box in 24" and 1 in 42", so I could see which tubing length I preferred, and an inserter.

I am extremely obese, even after a recent loss of 30 lbs. I have plenty (too much) fat almost anywhere I’d choose to insert.

I HATE to ask this, but are there any other very overweight (200+ lbs) people who could share their infusion set experiences with me?? It’s okay to message me, if you’d prefer not to use such a public forum.

I’d appreciate any input at all, as this is all very new to me,


I am also soon-to-be new to pumping. I have my first training on Friday with the Minimed rep. When I ordered my pump I was asked if i could pinch an inch. I answered yes. I am a bit overweight (5’8" and 175 lbs). They sent me the silhouette infusion set. From reading some of the discussions, I was under the impression that the silhouettes were for slimmer individuals (maybe those who cannot pinch an inch). So, I am curious why they sent me the silhouettes. I am going to speak to the rep about this and see what she says. I guess I would like to try them all out and that is probably the only way to find out which ones work best for me. But, I am anxious to hear what others have to say on this subject. Good topic - glad you brought this up! :slight_smile: P.S. Congrats on the weight loss! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. I’m so confused as to all the different sets, and the pros and cons of each one. I like the look of Sur-T, and the fact that if it gets pulled out you can just re-insert it (the others you can’t, that I know of). But if the needle is too short to get to the right layer of fat, that’s not good.

After your training on Friday, please post back with any info you learn, and I’ll do the same. I’ll also let you know how my training goes tomorrow.

Wishing us both luck on our “first time”…


I am very overwieght and I havbe tried all the sets (sils being THE most disasterous)…–I use the quicksets 9mm witht he long tubing and use the inserter (needle freak can’t handle it manually)

I’m assuming the quicksets don’t have a “tail” to connect/disconnect like the Sur-T’s or the SofSet?? I’m worried about connect/disconnecting when I shower, etc. I have a hard enough time reaching around to my sides anyway, must less trying to do something carefully!! I was figuring that 4" tail would let me be able to disconnect by myself from more sites, rather than getting hubby to do it.

Does all that tubing get in the way, or help so you can carry the pump in more places? I could see where it would get in the way, but for someone that has a lot of surface area, like me, I could see where it might be needed.

Also, does the needle on the quicksets go in at an angle, or straight in, like a pin?

Thanks for the warning on the sils, I’ll be sure to try those only as a last resort.

Hi Tamara,
I am one of those who can pinch much more than an inch. I started with the quicksets because they were made for people like me. However I have moved to the Sure-T’s and they work great for me. I have had no problems with them. Yes, they are supposed to be for kids and “stick” people, but these are by far the best sets I have used. You will eventually get to meet Dave, and he is a big supporter of these, for good reason. The quick sets have an issue with bending and such. Some people have had no problems. Me, I have and don’t find them as comfortable as the Sure T’s. I find them a little harder to disconnect than the quick sets. Also the Sure-T’s only have short tubing.

The quick sets go straight in with a needle first that you then pull out. You should get samples of each kind to decide what works best for you. These are the only two I have tried, but I have only been pumping for three months. I hope that this helps some. Good luck in training.

I would do like I did and call mini-med and ask them to send samples of the others…,my dr had recccomended the quick sets–he was right–but open to my trying new things. Some peeps love sils–they just didn’t work for me.

The tubing does not get in the way for me…and allows for more choices in pump placement…quick sets are a staight in set


I am 5ft 6in and 170 lbs (overweight by all medical standards). I’ve always used quicksets, 9mm and have not had any problems. Of course, I have no comparison since I’ve not tried any of the others. The tubing length is really a personal preference… I started with the 42 inch and switched to the 24 inch, which I like better. It really is trial and error to find out what works best for you.

Okay, here’s the update…had training today, lasted hours, but learned a lot. I took Denise’s advice and called up Minimed yesterday afternoon and asked them for some samples. They are sending one each of the Sure-T and Quickset. I did get the Soft Set this morning before my training, so that’s what we inserted. Didn’t hurt at all, even though it didn’t go in all the way and she had to push it in with her fingers!! It has the tape and stuff included with the infusion set, which I didn’t know.

Does anyone recommend a certain type of tape/sealant stuff? I’d like to keep some on hand for emergencies or like when I drop one sticky-side down on the floor,which I’m sure i will!! I’d also like to make some sort of an anchor, like the Sure-T’s have, until I try them.

Oh, I also picked up a brochure from Animas that was advertising 2 free Inset infusion sets (straight, 6 or 9 mm) WITH the required resevoir to fit the Minimed. I just called the number, gave them name address, doctor’s name, etc. and they faxed over a prescription over the phone for him to sign. He said I should have them by next Friday.

The trainer was happy that I was getting to try them, but she reminded me that using them VOIDS the warranty on the pump, should anything go wrong. So remember, always use only Medtronic products with the Minimed ; )

Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it. I’m hoping with trying the Soft Set, Sure-T, Insets from Animas, and QuickSets, I’m bound to find SOMETHING I’m happy with. I’m hoping to get good absorption with the Sure-T’s so that I can use them, but we’ll see!