Can't wait to 2010 to end

just hang the ■■■■ on man. thats the only positive i have…

Nah the Maries and Army recruiters wanted me bad. I did great on the asvab but decided not to enlist at the last minutes. Also had 2 years heavy discipline at military school. Most of my family is military though.
Now I am ocd enough that I can get militaristic on plans and breaking my schedule

well regardless. you sound like a soldier…

your life is a soldiers life.

Thank you for the compliment

I am so with you on this! Can’t wait for 2010 to end either.

My 1 week vacation this summer with the family was ruined by an unexplained high of 540! Changed my infusion set twice to try to fix it. Spent 3 days just struggling to get my blood sugars down. Not a way to spend your vacation. Constantly worrying and wanting to go home. I only get 1 week off a year from work.

Then found out in August that my husband of 18 years was having an affair with a woman online for the past 4 years. I knew nothing about it. He loves her. He broke it off and we started going to marriage counseling. Then found out last Friday he was still emailing and calling her and is still in love with her. We have two children. I don’t want to get a divorce and ruin our family.

Oh 2010, please hurry up and be done! I can’t take much more this year.

Hi sorry to hear about the problems and the situation you find yourself in,thank your brother from all us Brits fro doing is part in Iraq whether it was right or wrong to go and sort Saddam out is debatable it is the brave souls who stand on the front line that need our 100% support,I too have sons and daughters all grown up now but there light can shine on you wishing you a better 2011 twiddlemthums