Interesting year

i was talking to a friend today about how bad last year was. i lost my job wife divorced me and i was diagnosed t2. but being a positive type i think it could have been worse…

so how was your year?

My year was awesome! I got diagosed t2, lost a bunch of weight, got really fit, worked out a bunch of stuff with my family, had some really helpful chats, didn’t have a recurrence of another medical problem, and got a huge amount of work done.

I had a great year. My retinopathy didn't get any worse (pretty stable now). I switched to an Animas Ping pump. I got my A1c down to 5.9.

On a personal note, I moved in with my boyfriend, got accepted to and began graduate school (and attained a 4.0 GPA for my first semester), and have had great success at work. I also paid off all my credit card debt and began saving for retirement, so financially I'm doing much better than I was a year ago.

Last year? Well I’ve most defantly had better years there but like you I’m looking for the positive out of a bad situation.

Well, I had a major depression the first part of the year, resulting in my not taking very good care of myself. I started feeling better in June, but by that time, my BGs were in the 300's, and kept going up and up, and I couldn't get them back down again. In July and August, even though I was taking gobs and gobs of insulin, I started going up into the 400's, 500's and HI.

On a Monday, at the end of August, I saw my endo with a fasting lab BG of 302 and an A1c of 10.7, and he did NOTHING. By the next Sunday, I was comatose. I spent the month of September in the hospital, and then convalescent center/rehabilitation center/nursing home, and finally got home at the beginning of October. And got me a new endo.

Since then it's been uneventful, but 2011 HAS to be a better year!!!

I think a lot of endos assume that people aren't going to take care of themselves, so why bother putting forth the effort on their part to intervene? I can see how they might get jaded with the many diabetics out there who DON'T care/try, etc. He/She may have assumed that your high BGs were a result of you being lackadaisical (as they were at the beginning of the year), not realizing you were at that point TRYING to get it back in control.

Unless, of course, you mentioned to the doc that you were really trying, in which case he/she is a moron and I don't blame you for firing him/her!

I've been in DKA several times in close conjunction, due to poor decisions on my part several years ago. Something I was told is that if I ever maintain a BG average of 350+ for a few days, to come to an ER. They will get me balanced out so I don't go into full-blown DKA. Often, even before producing high levels of ketones, you begin to get dehydrated and your electrolytes are imbalanced. It's hard for your body to use insulin in this condition. But if you get the proper fluids and nutrients, your body can begin using insulin more efficiently again. (On the flip side, once you're in the DKA danger-zone, it's hard to get out, even if you manage to get your BGs down. I once had BGs of 400-500 and was pretty sick. Managed to bolus and bolus and bolus and get myself down to 140. Assumed I was ok. At some point very soon after, I lost consciousness and was discovered hours later by my roommate at the time. I didn't regain consciousness for several hours after I was admitted to the ER. I was told they all thought I was going to go into a coma and die. So, even getting down to 140, I was apparently still in that 'danger zone' and had rebounded back up to like 900 in a few hours!)

Spica, plainly put, that sucks, hard. I hope for the very best for you in this New Year of 2011.

My year was very rough in the beginning, but got better and better. I feel hopeful, and also very humbly human.

Wow God sure has tested your positive attitude. Your are dead right the beauty of life is that it can always be worst.

Very bland: no broken pelvises, no heart attacks, no cancer, no massive loss on the market, no weight gain. So ya great.

It was a tough year for me. I lost my dog who was given to me by my mother as a gift. She passed away two years ago unexpectedly. I have some friends that are no longer friends. Hurt my knee running.

The good things were i got my diabetic alert dog Dutchess who has saved my life a couple of time already. A very generous person donated insulin pump supplies i could not afford to buy because i have not health insurance. I got an A in human anatomy & physiology and only one other A given in the class. I realized that i could still date people even with having my diabetic alert dog around. Incredibly blessed by great friends.

theres a lot of pain in last year for a lot of people and my heart goes out to you. its a shame we have to put up with it but if anyone can we can. :slight_smile: its great that many more had a good/great year. lets hope its even better for everybody this time.