Carb Database

Hey All

Anyone know if there’s a free (or relatively inexpensive) database or list (.txt, .csv or .sql format if possible) of foods and Carb/Fiber values on the net anywhere? I’m writing an application that would make use of this.



Give this a look. It may be what you are looking for


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Hank!

You might check out this guys project he has an open source carb counter for cell that is pretty and I was wondering how to use it and just add in more updated carb info


I am ‘this guy’ (Johan Degraeve) :slight_smile: that wrote HelpDiabetes

The US fooddatabase is a bit too huge for my application. For this English application I used an English version of the Norwegian fooddatabase. This fits on most devices (exception is the Nokia Symbian 40 devices, some of them limit the RMS size to verly low values).
It would also be nice to have a database with foods in different proportions, for instance an apple ‘per 100 gram’ or ‘per piece’. I know all that information is available in the US database, and I used that to make a more elaborated Dutch version.



W0w awesome you are THE GUY!! Its Great work you are doing !!

Yeah, the USDA database is large, but it’s easy enough to remove items you don’t plan on eating, or nutrients you don’t plan on tracking. I, for one, don’t really go in for seal oil ice cream, so I leave it out of my database. And no, I’m not joking.