Doc's happy

Finally got to see my doctor yesterday. He's happy with the results, and the fact that I've kept off the weight for over a year. He reduced my Metaformin by half, and will check me again in four months. Told me not to worry about checking BG but three times a week. I'd really like to check more than that . . . BUT, when I was worried and checking multiple times a day the last couple months, I got very anxious about it all. Mostly he said to watch for patterns, check at different times a day. Having more strips would make that easier! LOL

He asked me try reducing some other meds, which I am happy to do (Celebrex, for example). He also ordered the lipids test. I was honest about not taking the Vytorin because I thought it was the cause of my stomache problems in the middle of the night. If the LDL is still down, he won't put me back on it; if not, he told me to take it with supper. He also prescribed Zantac at bedtime and thinks that the discomfort I feel while sitting at my desk and driving (and, surprisingly, my unexplained hunger) is digestive irritation. It was not, as I feared, an enlarged liver! This was very good news to me!