CareLink Software and Mac Compatibility. Or lack thereof

So now I have the MM 722. And the MM CGM. And 2 Macs, which are incompatible with CareLink software.

I was frustrated enough, but then I got some information from the CDE I’ve been working with at Minimed. Apparently I’m supposed to download Bootcamp, and then buy the latest version of Windows so that I can use CareLink on either my work or home computer. Not cheap.

Anyone have any other ideas?
6925-UsingaMACwithCareLink.doc (25.5 KB)

Unfortunately, bootcamp and Windows are your only option for running CareLink on a Mac.

I invested in the basic edition of Vista for all of my non-Mac apps, but you’re right, it wasn’t cheap. You can get a copy of Vista for about $100 on Amazon.

I am also a Mac girl. I couldn’t find any other way around it. At the time I bought Windows, I needed it for streaming Netflix as well, so that made it hurt less. I bought a really stripped down version of XP at for $89 or so.
When I was having issues with the driver to read my OneTouch Ultra Mini and I called customer support, the guy had no idea what I was talking about when I said I used Windows on Bootcamp on a Mac and told me I was on my own. I did convince him that Windows was the same though and he did finally tell me how to fix the driver. So be prepared for ignorance if you ever need customer support.

Bootcamp is already in Leopard on Intel Macs. If your Macs are NOT intel, then it’s a no-go.

Frankly, I got tired of Windows VISTA and just got a stupid netbook for Carelink, and then in Mac>Safari>Develop>Firefox-Windows I can see and print my reports and such. I got the 10" model netbook and it has Windows XP-Home on it. It does the job, and on days I am lazy, I can Skype/ooVoo (video/audio chat) while staying in a nice, warm bed :-).

You can check Amazon for an 8" netbook for cheaper prices and XP or VISTA, heck even heard from a friend Win7 will work… It’s that dang “ActiveX” for the Dongle and so on that needs Windows.

When I can change pumps next year, I’m thinking Animas, as their PING software works with Mac. We’ll see if it gets CGMS integration.

The lack of Mac support for manufacturers suftware is an ongoing complaint. Might as well get used to it.

You can use either Bootcamp or Parallels, plus a version of Windows. I prefer Parallels to Bootcamp. You might be able to find a copy of Windows XP on the cheap somewhere, (I see that Jackie did) but you are looking at putting out at least $200.00.

Or borrow a computer when you need to upload data. Maybe use a computer at the library? A friend?

Or get a cheap netbook.

The reports Carelink generates are in PDF format, but you can also do a data dump in txt or csv format. You’ll have to save the reports on the local PC and copy them to a disk or thumbdrive or email them to yourself to use them on your Mac.

Good luck,

Fellow Frustrated Mac Using Diabetic (FFMUD)

Hi Jacquie,
Hope this helps. I have found computers that will do the job for you real cheap. I found computers for $20 and windows xp pro for $40. As a matter of fact I have some extra copies (legal) of xp pro I would be willing to send you one if you need it. I also know of a lot of freeware if you need something.

Does Parallels require you to restart the computer to access it (the way bootcamp does)? What I mean is can you have both OSs running simultaneously? I’d love something like VMWare, where you could just have a separate window running inside of Mac OS.

Thanks for the tips, y’all! Glad to hear I’m not the only one with this frustration.

You could try CrossOver for Mac…?

It’s not quite real Windows as with Boot Camp or Fusion or Parallels, but it’s cheaper and works with many things.

No, I think Parallels works like Fusion in this regard.

While I do not use a MAC I do use Vista and Linux. The Unfortunately None of these systems work with either Careline or the diabetic meter software. ie one-touch or BD. The problem with the Vista is that I have it on a new HP 64-bit machine and the technology is not there for any of the MM software or Carelink to use anything beyond 32-bit.
The Linux SUSE 10 is on an old 32-bit machine but Carelink rejects the Firefox connection.
In my opinion, Carelink does not care a lot and is technically backward. So is LIfeline since they cannot develop a 64 bit driver to run their software with the computers that are being sold for the last year or so.
If you decide to get equipment ot use carelink then I suggest that you find and old obsolete computer wiht vista or XP to stay technically current with MM.

Yep, Carelink works with Vista. I run Vista (in Boot Camp on my Mac) and use Carelink to upload all of my data.

The problem is not with vista but due to the 64-bit vs 32 bit computer I have. Drivers are not furnished for the newer machines. Maybe some day.

Another idea: See if your local library, or someone at work, has a PC that still has Windows XP. Load your MM CD-Rom and insert your Carelink gizmo into the USB port on THAT computer.

I’m not sure why the lack of support for Mac OS X? I’ve installed VMWare and XP, just for CareLink! I wouldn’t mind so much, costs of VMWare and X, but! it clobbers nearly 2Gig of my hard drive!

I do now know id Medtronic realise (maybe that have a large market place anyway) the amount of business they would attract, simply by writing a Mac OS X driver for their USB wireless device!!!