Minimed pumps and Macintosh?

Hi Everyone - I am switching from shots to a Minimed pump (went with the clear, frosted glass-like case) in the next few weeks - is there any advice for mac users and the software from medtronics? I can boot windows if need be on my mac mini, but would rather stay with OS X if I could…

All comments welcome, and happy new year, -dan

Sorry, but the software does not work with OS X…I wish it did!

Thanks, Melinda - I read somewhere that there was a way to access the software via the web, regardless of platform - will see what I can find out from the reps as things move along…

It is very frustrating when you access the CareLink website to upload your CGM results to your file. Not only will it not work with OS X, it won’t let you use Linus not Windows 64bit versions. To make it even worse, unless you have MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher it won’t let you in … no Safari, Opera and dozens of other browsers.

Ridiculous, isn’t it? I’m fine with having to boot into Windows on my Macbook Pro for this, but when they told me I couldn’t use Firefox or Safari, I said no thank you. I didn’t know about the 64-bit limitation. That means I couldn’t use my desktop Windows machine either. Someone needs to remind their developers we are living in 2009, not 1999.

Not having seen the Carelink software yet, can the pump upload the data to the desktop, or only to the website? If it is to the desktop, I guess it could theoretically be exported to a mac program or database?

Its questions like these that really make me wonder why anyone would use windows…

I’ve had mixed success getting my wife’s readings uploaded using VMWare on OS X. Typically, it seems to be more of an issue with CareLink itself whenever an issue arises. Sights like this are not uncommon:

In short, you’ll definitely need access to Windows in some form, either virtualized or via Bootcamp.

I get to the Carelink site via Parallels. Once on the site the uploads are easy. (Get the USB stick.)

Data can be downloaded in CSV format for use in Excel, Numbers or any other spreadsheet program. My Endo and nurse love the reports I create (but not so much the content.)

If you have a copy of windows, you can either boot into Windows XP or VISTA with Boot Camp and an Intel Mac and send this stuff to mm’s servers. It is at MM’s Carelink site, in the buggy, un-secure IE 7. …Wasn’t it just LAST month they were decrying ‘bugs’ in IE7??? This won’t work in Firefox or Safari in Windows. Then if you don’t want to actually have to boot into Windows, you can try VMWare’s FUSION. This lets you run Windows inside Mac OSX.

I personally am sick to the teeth of being the ‘red haired’ child in MM’s eyes. They can’t hire people smart enough to write for cross platform in this day and age???

Deities forgive me, but this is one of the reasons why I DO hope Steve Jobs gets a taste of diabetic life. Maybe if the ‘Big Lad’ has this, more Mac devs will get off the chair and make something that works well.

I make my money on Macs, I should be able to CHOOSE what I trust my BG’s to.

I boot up XP under Parallels to work with carelink personal - works like a top!

Well, that is good to know - I do use boot camp and windows xp for the one touch software (please tell me carelink is atleast superficially better…), so that should be fine. Do people on the list have a favorite excel or numbers spreadsheet template? I have done most of my database work in filemaker, and have always been surprised there is not more diabetes/glucose oriented templates out there for mac…


Unless you can convince Medtronics to support Macintosh, you will have to live with Windows. I am about to start pump therapy with a MiniMed 522. I have checked the CareLink software very carefully, going through all of the tutorials. While I have been on shots, I designed and use my own spreadsheet. However CareLink is much more extensive and your endocrinologist will have direct access to your stats (make sure he enrolls). I would put up with Windows for the information and potential improved control.

I use Excel to analyze my diabetes data because of its pivot tables. Once Numbers gets that feature it’s goodbye Excel.

Well, after the first few experiments, it looks like the Boot Camp - Carelink - Firefox - via Carelink wireless usb is working fine for me. I’m not crazy about the carelink report styles, so I may need to create a new template on the mac side using the exported csv files (however i am much more familiar with Filemaker databases then Numbers or Open Office spreadsheets, which always seem confusing to me when importing data…) so maybe I’ll stick to the reports on the windows side for now.

Either way, thanks for all of the input, pump start date is Feb 4th!

I met with my Medtronics senior rep earlier this week and she said that a Mac version is in development right now. No idea when it will be ready, but there is hope!

Well, thats good news! We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed they get the funding to avoid staying “in development” for too long…

I use carelink personal on my Mac running inside a Parallels/XP session. It works fine - no problems!

10 minutes every two weeks - upload your data, run your reports and you’re done!


I use ‘Fusion’ and ‘XP’ on on my MacBook to upload the data from my Paradigm 722 to the Carelink site. Works like a champ! No problems installing Fusion or Windows, was pleasantly suprised.

Appearently the problems are with the programers (idiots) that Medtronic used to create the software. From what I could learn/figure out, they used the ‘Active X’ programing language. Typical IT mentality.

Yeah, they have been saying that for a long time. If you email them they will reply with “we are currently working on a new version to work with the Mac OS X platform. But we do not have a deployment date at this time.” In talking to other people from another forum, that been their standard reply for 2 years now. Go figure.

So I use Parallels with XP. Works fine. I did find something out though. If you are going to just review your charts and not upload you can actually get into Carelink in Safari. You have to turn on the “develop” button in preferences under advanced. You can then log into Carelink using the User Agent in Internet Explorer for windows or Firefox for windows. I’ve had the best luck using the Firefox for Windows user agent. You then log in as normal. You will have full access to all of the reports. You just can’t upload since the Java script that they use is modified so that it will only work in Windows. Leave it to MM to take a cross platform, ISO compliant software, and work harder to make it not cross platform or meet internet standards.


Thanks, Beo -

That is a great trick - worked like a charm. The less time I have to have windows running, the better…