Carelink upload fails - Medtronic 670G

I’ve been having the same problem, I connected my Contour Next Link with my Minimed 670, and it still appearing the 05-00 error. What I’ve done is to disconnect the glucose sensor from the pump and connect the Contour with the pump, as someone in the comments said, and it worked! So if you don’t want to lose the guardian sensor, you could try to take off the the anti water patches and remove only the sensor, keeping the pad in your body. Then when it’s all done and you’ve download your pump, charge the sensor and connect it again to the pump, you have to insert the sensor in the charger to do that. The pump will recongnize the pad as a new one, even if you have been using it for a couple of days, so in the upper part of your screen you will see the counter of days in 7 (or 6 depending of the sensor) again. Just do this if you don’t want lo lose a pad you been using for just one or two days, it’s not reccomendable to use a pad again for one whole week, but it can be useful to know that in cases of emergency when you don’t have more.
Hope it works!

I had this same issues and had no luck with support or forums. I found the issue and fixed it myself. The problems seems to be with the Contour BG device. Your insulin pump is linked to this device. To fix this problem, you will need to unlink and relink your pump.

for anybody having this issue while using a USB-C to USB-A port - don’t.

that worked for me :+1: