Update: Medtronic Disapointments--AGAIN

I posted about this earlier and AR suggested I tweet them. I did (after reactivating my account...) Got immediate reaction, then nothing.

OK. Today I tweeted again that there had been no response. Got a CALL, called back--no answer, left a VM. Got an email saying that none of my phone numbers worked (I retired 2 years ago and went exclusively to cell phone)and. OH, someone else just called the phone in my records...

Neither contact told me what problem they were responding to:
-I have had no response to my online application for the Enlite pump and sensor upgrade AND
--I cannot access Carelink, as it seems to think I use Foxfire, when I have been IE forever..

So, currently disappointment and frustration reign. I am going to the endo Friday and wanted to bring charts and graphs. Weirdly, my Excel spreadsheets seem to be the very manual answer.

Seriously, how disappointing can Medtronic become. Time to switch? Maybe.

I have had problems like this with a few things, gmail, BCBS RX vendor, maybe some of my old fantasy sports accounts are still out there but the accounts and passwords are long gone out of my brain or I mix up the accounts somehow and then can't get in. It may be useful to call someone and get the passwords and phone numbers reset or whatever. I get ***HUGELY*** frustrated by these things and have walked away from stuff because of password/ account issues. I'm not sure what the fix is but I know it's frustrating. I know the people at Medtronic have a layered approach so the person who's tweeting you is almost certainly not the person calling back. I would keep on them.

I know the password to CareLink. The system seems to think my internet is FoxFire, which is non-compatible with use of the site. I have always used IE; there is no way to change what CareLink thinks to what actually is that I can find.

What really frustrates me is that every time I call in they "verify" my phone number and email. Those other numbers should not be on anything these folks use to return my calls.

And it is sooo frustrating. I did everything I am supposed to do, and Medtronic has not followed through accurately on anything they promised.

I still would go through your endo. Don't worry about troubling them. Isn't that what you pay for? There are poorly performing employees at every company. Please do not let your troubles with MM dissuade you from getting the pump and sensor you want. I will send you a friend request to talk privately.

How frustrating. My experience with Medtronic has been great so far. A couple days ago I had trouble uploading my data to Carelink after upgrading to the new version of Java. Medtronic promptly got back to me with a temporary work around. I haven't had time to try it yet.