Carelink upload fails - Medtronic 670G


Evening all,

For the past couple of month, my Carelink uploads with the meter acting as the communications gateway have failed, meaning I am unable to upload data, generate reports and all that useful stuff.

After logging into the Carelink site, selecting upload, pump ID and method (via the meter), it starts the upload process, establishes communication and looks like it’s making progress, only to stop at 5% with a 06-00 failure code. I’ve also used the old Java uploader method with the same result. Have tried Chrome/IE/Firefox on Windows 10 and Chrome/Safari/Firefox on Mac OS 10 all with the same issue (on four separate machines).

Put in a call with Medtronic who kicked the issue around for an hour but came back with no idea…

Any one else having this issue?


If you are using a temporary basal it might have trouble uploading.


Could you brig it into your endos office and see if they could get at it? What did Medtronic say the error code meant.


Alas no temp basal and Medtronic didn’t know the meaning of the code (hence I was on hold for a long time). Next time I see my endocrinologist in March we’ll see if they have any luck (alas they are 900 miles away).


Serious? They dont know what the code meant? C’mon…Thats worth another try.


LOLOL, Yeah, I work in the software industry so at the time my reaction was similar. How can they not know what the error means?? Heck, grep the damn source code for it and it should fall out in case the person who put it in there has left.

In the interim I am going to reach out to see who my local Medtronic rep is and see if I can get some pressure applied. Clearly calling the regular pump/sensor support team got me nowhere (and this was the second call to them).

The part I do find odd is that it did work once after they migrated from the old Java applet uploader. I will probably see if I can get a replacement Contour Next Link…


OK, so I found this in the comments section of the following link. They suggest using ONLY IE v11 or an earlier version. Not sure if you tried that yet. What a pain! Fingers crossed. Ill keep looking. Looks like it comes from NightScout.


They also might be discussing your issue on Reddit…not 100% sure.


Barley anything pops up to help. I don’t understand why error codes aren’t published. I got mad about that last time my Omnipod failed.


Well, I’m running IE 11.195 and re-installed the Carelink uploader (2.0.048) just for grins. Still fails, although now got to 7%. Retried the Java one, same result.

What I still don’t get is that it did work on this laptop with the new carelink uploader.

Good times :slight_smile:


Thats the worst.



I’ve been having the 06-00 error since June, 2018 and haven’t been able to upload with either the Java Upload or the CareLink Uploader. It would get between 5% and 7%, disconnect and give the error 06-00.

I went into settings -> Utilities -> Device Options -> Manage Devices on the pump and removed all devices (INCLUDING the CGM) then repaired the Contour Next glucose tester. Upload worked this time! Removing the Contour Next only didn’t work, I had to remove everything

Seems like when you have the CGM (Guardian Sensor) and the Contour next paired on the device, the 670G prompts you “XYZ serial number is attempting to connect. Do you wish to allow this? Yes/No” and that interrupts the connection. By removing all devices and readding the Contour Next only it seems to work correctly.

I won’t be doing this frequently cause it takes 2+ hours to get the Guardian Sensor working again (And I’m going to lose a pad and have to reinsert) but I have an appointment with my Endo tomorrow so it was good to have some data for him to work with.

670G is annoying as ■■■■ and I’ve lost so many Guardian sensors due to “Errors reading” that I can’t renew with my insurance in time and go 4 to 6 weeks with no CGM due to tossing them. Calling Tech support is good and they will send you ONE replacement, but if you lose 3 in one day because of the “Error reading” then you’re gonna get infront of insurance and have to pay full price out of pocket for more CGM pads. </end rant>

Hopefully this info helps someone. If you need to upload data from your 670G then do it on a day when you need to replace your CGM, that way you can remove it from the settings and repair it with small impact.

Oh, and yes…IE 11, Added to Trusted Sites. Doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox.


I experienced the same failure last evening. CareLink software prompted me to disconnect and and re-connect the Contour unit then try again. It got a bit further, then the same issue. I attempted this 4 times before going out and back into CareLink. This time I used the old java loader and it worked first try.
It might be worth a try, YMMV.


Yes! I can’t upload either.


Excellent suggestion 670GAnnoyed - that solution worked for me and since I am not currently using the sensor with the pump (Freestyle Libre at the moment), it’s not an onerous one. Upload successful! :slight_smile: