Carnation Instant Breakfast?

So, as i said before, my doctor wanted me to start using the instant breakfast stuff for the protein and calcium.
Anyways, my mom bought me some last week finally. (;
Its pretty good, actually.
All i have to do is add the stuff to a glass of milk, and stir.
Its like an individual package per serving, and they come in Rick Milk Chocolate, Classic French Vanilla, Classic Chocolate Malt, Strawberry Sensation, and Dark Chocolate.
(: yum yum!

I havent been around a accurate scale yet, so im not 100% sure there working… but oh well!

I used to drink these in high school (though I wasn’t diabetic back then). I like them as well!!

Are you numbers OK after drinking them?

I have that stuff to do you use the one with less sugar.