Great chocolate "milk"

I definitely am not the accomplished cook (that would be my wife, Andreina), but I thought I’d kick off this new section for recipes with a GREAT chocolate-flavored drink I’ve found to be pretty good in terms of carb. It’s the Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage (formerly Carb Solutions, or something like that). You can see the Nutrition Facts below:

My son loves this drink. They also make a white milk version also.

I might have to try this.

Yep! Forgot to mention that.

Wow, wish I could get this up in Canada!

I’ve got it on my grocery list, thanks for the recommendation!

I haven’t noticed it around here I’ll have to look closer. Anyone ever try /drink almond milk? I have thought about giving it a try since it is in original, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.