Cartridge >200ML?

Has anyone, perhaps in Canada, seen any specs on new Vibe and if it will have a Cartridge >200ML?

As far as I know the only pump with a cartridge larger the 200ml is Medtronics 714.... but it doesnt have remote monitor or carb counter, nor is water proof.

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I don’t believe it does. Have you looked at the Tandem T:slim? 300 units and waterproof.

The new Animas Vibe still has 200 unit cartridges. It DOESN'T have the dial up dose and some of the menus are slightly rearranged.

The Accu-Chek spirit combo is 310 units and has the remote ..

This is really interesting, thank you for sharing this info, it seems to have a color UI on the remote as well. Keenly interesting in this one. Thanks again.

I will re-evalaute this new pump. Originally I opted for Ping because it had Apple software for my laptop... but now with I upload my metrics for both pump and Dexcom 7 CGM directly into my profile that my endocrinologist can see immediately. Thank you for contributing to this thread.