Casting Call for Big Blue Test video 2011

We are currently in production for this year’s 2011 Big Blue Test video project for World Diabetes Day. Once again, Roche Diabetes Care (the makers of ACCU-CHEK products and services) is sponsoring the production of the video, helping us get a better site in place for the the big day of the Big Blue Test and coming through with another donation of $75,000, 2/3 of which will go to US-based charities helping people with diabetes who are struggling with their care in rural or underserved areas and 1/3 of which will go to Life For a Child once more.

For the video we are producing, in order to feature REAL people (not actors) in the video we NEED YOUR HELP and want to reach out to everyone in the diabetic community as part of our Casting Call.

Check out last year’s video and help us make this year’s even better!

DEADLINE: Thursday. September 15, 2011

We are seeking people:

  • Of all ages
  • Of all ethnicities
  • Of all body types
  • Who can move with exaggerated and joyful enthusiasm
  • We are also encouraging those with Diabetes to bring family and friends to be a part of the shoot.

    Young Girl & Boy
  • Age: 9 - 17
  • Helpful Attributes: Able to be active.

    Young Man or Woman
  • Age: 18 - 35
  • Helpful Attributes: Can be part of a playful & flirty couple.
  • Helpful Attributes: Able to be active. Comfortable running or playing a sport

    Middle Aged Man or Woman
  • Age: 36-59
  • Helpful Attributes: comfortable running or being active

    Senior Man or Woman
  • Age: 60+
  • Helpful Attributes: comfortable walking, loves to smile, positive attitude

  • In the San Francisco Bay Area or Los Angeles Area, in town at the end of September or early October
  • No acting experience needed
  • No speaking is required


    Please contact us at

    Be sure to include:
  • Contact Name and Phone Number
  • A full body photo shot

    DEADLINE: Thursday. September 15, 2011

Sounds great, I’m in

Well, I certainly aspire to be all those things.

MAN! I wish you were doing this a little closer to my home town. Sounds great!

awesome! i just sent an email, but i’m 20 weeks pregnant. pregnant women can be active too!

Great. I’ll send a picture and info

Oh I wish I lived closer!! :frowning:

Good luck on the video! (:

Oooooh I want to do it! Just applied!

I would totally do this but Im all the way in utah. next time maybe.

Just signed up!!! so excited hope they pick me:)

I Loved last years video, the People, their activities and the tune were all Perfect. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see the Big Blue 2011 video. Good Luck!

Both my son and I have been advocators for Type I Diabetes. I hope he has the opportunity to make yet another difference in others like him. Others who have not one, but several ailments.

I’m on the wrong coast, and my kid is too young – hey, why no little-littles? Age 0-5 is the fastest growing group… just saying… But in any case, I loved last year’s video and can’t wait to see this year’s.

I’m going to submit! Gotta find a “full body photo” first… looking forward to participating and will watch last year video! {;D

Just saw last year’s video ~ again! I forgot how wonderful it was to see it last year. Nice to see again. And hopefully you found a diverse group to represent us all (saw the posts) for this year! Maybe Christalyn would like to join this video for this year as well? I think she is African American and I know she is Type Two. I’m soooo glad to be back on this site after being away for sooo long (many months!) Rebecca {:smiley:

Thanks so much for the amazing response! Jeffrey and/or Sean, who are heading up the production team, will be getting back to you with more details.