Re: Birthday. It was a lovely day that included a Swedish Massage and dinner out with friends. Followed by coffee and some of my sugar (and maltitol) free rocky road fudge (with my own sugar and maltitol free marshmallows). :slight_smile:

I know I haven’t kept up here, but I’ve been busy trying to get my all-natural sugar-free biz off the ground, and trying to diagnosis and fix … me. Success on the later, anyway.

I did try Symlin until the demo pen ran out. Lost 5 pounds in a week, and put it back again a week later. At least that told me that despite low fasting insulin and normal fasting/PP numbers, I was insulin resistant, most likely with some form of PCOS despite being post-menopause.

Got my Endo to subscribe Metformin. Bingo! I’ve been on it for 10 months. The fist two nothing happened. After that, despite eating precisely the same high fat, low carb diet, the weight and fat started dropping off. As of today I’ve lost 27 pounds in 8 months, but more importantly, have dropped INCHES (fat!) and two pant sizes.

I’ve recently added yacon leaf (not tuber) tea, and R-lipoic acid. Within a week my fasting glucose fell into the high seventies or low 80’s, as did my PP’s. The highest 1-hour number I’ve had is 100. My guess is that my A1c, which went from 5.3 to 4.9 on the Met, will now come back as 4.5-4.6. And the weight/fat is still going down. I’m surmising my leptin resistance is fading as well.

Thanks again for all the well wishes!